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Kyle · 8/14/2015

I have got to say when i first purchased edjing for my android device i really started to enjoy the features it had to offer as far as built in soundcloud and recording features as well as a original feel for scratching vinyl. Now you guys have the best all in one djing app ON THE MARKET AND NOW I DISCOVER A APP FOR MY WINDOWS 10 PC!!!!! SIMPLY AMAZING! THANKS GUYS After testing windows 10 app my opinion is: The windows 10 or PC version in general needs alot of work. Lots of bugs and not letting me use all the features like i can easily access swiftly using my droid turbo. JUST FYI THIS APP IS FAR FROM FULL DEVELOPMENT FOR PC

james · 8/7/2015

Every time I go to open the app it crashes and gives a link to a site that doesn't exist with no solution to the problem

Todd · 7/24/2015
Just downloaded and failed to start? wtf?

So, I downloaded this app because it looks like it has nice virtual turntables and supposedly will allow me to mix my own music from external devices (I think) and even record the mixes. Exactly what I was looking for, or so I thought. Problem was, I got that lovely Failed to Start message when I tried to open the app and use it. I'm using Windows 8.1 on an HP laptop, brand new, 8 gigs of RAM and a quad core AMD processor. I guess what I wonder is, how can I use an app if it fails to start when I try to open it? I want to make music mixes with external devices attached to my laptop, in addition to flash memory devices like USB flash drives and SD cards. Thought I might pick up a headset mic so I can actually do the voice-over the music mixes like a radio station. But, none of that will be possible if I can't operate the application. It says contact edjing.com but then it brought me here to microsoft.com instead. If I can't mix, record & share my mixes, then it's a pointless app. Help?

Reviewer 0453 · 7/25/2015
Stops and freezes!

when it works it great but freezes in too much. while playing ..or looking up songs

Sean · 6/13/2015
Works great on mobile but not on PC

I use this on my S5 Mini and it works great. I thought it would be easier to use if it was on PC but I was wrong. I read the comments and it seems after the update it would just stop working. Now I see what they mean. I download the app and when I open it, it said "failed to start app. contact us at...". the second time I tried it I hit the add track button and it crashed. The third time I opened it, it said the same thing as before "Failed to open this app". so if they undo this "helpful update", then I will rate it 5 stars.

Bob · 6/14/2015
Not good

Updating my good review to a poor one... the app now crashes when I try to access the music library by hitting the play button. When it first starts up it tells me that it failed to start and to contact customer support at edging.com/contact but that webpage does not even exist.

Reviewer 2838 · 7/17/2015
Would Be 5-stars but...

This used to be great app until I purchased the upgrade. Right after I could not load songs anymore. When I tried to change the skin on the turntable, I get an "error". I have uninstalled...and re-installed the program, but I have yet to be able to get all the features to respond. I really like the app...but now I just want my $9.99 refunded if this doesn't work.

Fares · 8/23/2015
I Can't Really Judge

I really can't judge because it won't start for me every time I start it a little crash window comes up... It looks very cool but I really can't tell you guys whether it is any good or not. But when it does work I will rewrite this review simply so I don't falsely harm the apps reputation because I know that is very unfair. I believe the issue is with my laptop and not the application but until I am sure it is the applications fault since it is the only app that has this issue

warau · 4/28/2015
Great tool for learning songs, a little buggy

It's a fun little mixing app, but I use it most when I am teaching music lessons. Slow the song down, loop sections, EQ... it is an excellent and fast toolkit for learning a song. There are some annoying bugs: - The buttons for toggling the speed control between pitch and time-stretch mode and for showing the volume slider are invisible (but useable if you know where to press). - Running the app as a sidebar/snapped app causes it to randomly play songs from the library and bug out erratically. It's totally useless. I wish it would just keep one of the turntables visible/usable. - The search function is frustratingly stupid. Will only search the title in the "song" category; artist in the "artist" category. - Has issues with songs on SD card. (Surface 2) I purchased it, but had to reinstall it. It freaked me out, because it looked like I had to buy it again. Fortunately, after following the prompts to buy it reactivated without charging me.

Reviewer 2921 · 6/4/2015
worst app ever

Don't know why this app is still in the store. After reading the other reviews and downloading this app several times it still wont work and or just crashes. Big waste of time for not that good of a program lol.



  • Unlimitted access to your personal music library
  • RECORD AND SHARE your mix with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • A complete DJ turntables with a wide range of DJ FX: - Scratch / Pitch on Vinyl, Cue, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer, Pre-Cueing, BeatShuffler, MultiCue, Double flipping, Auto Scratch...
  • A very intuitive and refined user interface
  • Professional sound rendering
  • AutoMix mode for automatic transitions between titles of your playlists
  • BPM synchronization (sync) to achieve seamless transitions

App details

Version notes

Version 2.4.5: - Global improvement - Library updated Version 2.4.4: - Sound system updated - Library updated - Global enhancement Version - Data handling enhanced Version - Global enhancement - Visualizer updated Version to - Global enhancement - Bugs fixed - Features upgrades - General optimization of the app Version 1.0.0 : - Improvement of the loops management system: Loops are now synchronized on beats. A loop viewer has also been integrated, which is directly visible from the audio spectrum at the top of the turntables. - New Audio Spectrum for more concision: clearer spectrum view with finer beats marking - New snap mode: indefinitely resizable - New Equalizers: gain improvement and enhanced frequency band management - Enhanced BPM Calculation - Scratch performances improvement - Cue points improvement: stalled on a quarter of bpm - Music library optimizations: display of track bpm and music sorting by bpm - Instant Play/Pause button for improved music cuts and manual bpm adjustments - New snap mode: indefinitely resizable

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