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1 stars out of 5
· 1/18/2016
Nope - crashes way too much

Update 1-18-16: This app crashes every time I use it on Windows 10. I read on a forum that there have been others with the same issue and the belief is that it's a Windows 10 issue. Probably true. I also saw that there is no plans to fix it but to wait for MS to do something. Unfortunate, as I purchased this from someone (not MS). Wait until it's been verified resolved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been using Emby on my Android for a while with Chromecast, and with credit decided to try it on my windows 10 laptop. It works, kinda. Like a car with three wheels kinda can get you somewhere. I can make it crash simply by going into the guide and then trying to do something. Yes, I have it set up correctly, but it's just way too buggy. Honestly I think this will end up being the answer, but it's pretty far off at the moment.

5 stars out of 5
· 12/25/2015
Awesome UI

Great Job Emby Team! Knocked another one out of the park. Just switched to Windows 10 on a laptop, and this interface may be better than Emby Classic!

2 stars out of 5
· 1/17/2016
Great Interface but stutters alot

I'm using this on a surface book so I should have plenty of power to run it. It constantly stutters playing back from my network store over WiFi. The Embry theater program works great, never stutters. This one does all the time though.

5 stars out of 5
· 2/7/2016
I have been using this software since its infancy

Its state of the art in media management

4 stars out of 5
· 12/31/2015
Really coming together

Works pretty well of the box. Playback is smooth, and ui has a high Wife Acceptance Factor.

5 stars out of 5
· 9/10/2015
EMBY is amazing!!!

Emby is a great app. I have used it for awhile now and since media browser it has just been getting better and better. I have had very little issue with the server or client on any device. The only problems I have ever had were always live tv related. Still not perfect, but could be my setup. Not sure, but usually works.

4 stars out of 5
· 8/26/2015
So much potential!!!

It gets better everyday. Live TV takes a long time to load and is very slow, but this is what WMC users are looking for as a replacement. So easy to set up and run with improved features everyday. Just switched from the NPVR to the included live tv to use with cable card network tuner and it works, but with 500 cable channels is slow to load and even slower to pull up the guide. I removed a ton of channels from Schedules Direct down to 150 channels, but they are all still showing up in Emby. I'm rooting for you and try every day. As soon as it's all working I will upgrade to Windows 10 on 4 of my HTPCs to reveal to the rest of the family! Again so much potential!!

4 stars out of 5
· 8/26/2015
Good alternative to Plex

I'm a pretty new user to Emby, but it was recommended and I knew it when it was Media Browser. There isn't a bigger Plex fan than me and it's awesome when it works. However the constant timing out of their media server made my media unavailable when I was away from home. The install of Emby was very easy. It is much better than when I tried Media Browser. It's features are much the same, but not LiveTV is coming. The pricing structure is also close as well as the platforms it's available upon. Best of all. It stays connected so I can actually use my media. I'll likely use both, but a good effort on behalf of Emby.

5 stars out of 5
· 4/4/2014
I LOVE Media Browser!!!

I started using Media Browser 3 Theater on my Windows 7 PC last week. Soon after installing it, I realized there was also an app for Surface. Awesome! Unlike the iPhone app though, this one costs money. Don't let that deter you from buying though! This would be a remarkable app at twice the price. My dual-band N router is easily able to stream my entire HD movie collection to the Surface at the 1080p - 7.5 Mbps and 720p - 10 Mbps quality settings with zero buffering. When I try using the 1080p - 15 Mbps quality setting though, the film stops to buffer *just* enough to be annoying. I can stream to my iPod touch and other computers from Media Browser at 12-20 Mbps with no problem whatsoever. So I'm not sure if this is an app problem or a problem with the Surface's hardware. Either way, I'm still giving the app 5 stars because the quality is great even at 7.5 Mbps. I'd recommend incorporating more streaming quality options into future updates, similar to those offered in the iOS app.

1 stars out of 5
· 1/10/2014
Lots of bugs/incomplete features. Wasted money!

1) If I select an album and choose Play To HTPC/MyUsername, it just repeatedly plays the first track of the album. (2) Once I start playing a track, I can't figure out how to add more songs to the queue. (3) Often when I select an album and choose the Browse To option and then choose HTPC/MyUsername I am booted out of the Media Browser app and back to the Windows start screen. (4) I don't see an option for searching my music collection. (5) Several of the controls don't seem to work. Pause and Play work okay. Next/Previous Track - Nothing happens. Mute - works okay. Volume Up/Down - nothing happens. The slider to move along the track timeline behaves oddly.

stars out of 5


  • Browse your media
  • Stream videos to your device
  • Stream music to your device
  • Remote control other Emby players (like Emby Theater)
  • Supports PlayTo
  • LiveTile
  • Two different layouts
  • Subtitles, just bring up the appbar during playback to change subtitles
  • Audiotracks, just bring up the appbar during playback to change audiotrack

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This update include: Emby rebranding Win10 native MKV support Win10 native Flac support LiveTV Guide LiveTV bugfixes Support for VideoBackdrops

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