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John · 4/20/2013
Great companion

Its a great way to see all your history. Can't beat it!

Jason · 4/12/2013
Endomondo App is great

Both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications are great, and free. I am not sure what your business model is Endomondo, but thank you for the great product.

Michael · 2/9/2013
What's the point?

I'm an avid fan of Endomondo and love the mobile apps. However, with the limitations of this app to view-only, I don't understand the point of it. If it doesn't have the same functionality as the website, there is no real reason to use it. It's easier and better just to pin the shortcut to the website on the Metro Start page and get access to everything you need. Hopefully, future versions will include more features because this attempt feels half baked.

Byron · 1/11/2014
Nice looking, but where are the features?

really would like to be able to update/edit items as well as post on followers events and interact with users like I would expect to be able to do on the website. Thanks for RT release!

David · 12/30/2013
Top Notch App!

I have read a number of Windows 8.1 user reviews for this that complain of the login issues. As long as you use a Microsoft account that syncs with Sky Drive, this app will log in on its own. I have this on my Android, Windows 8.1 Tablet, and on a Windows 8.1 desktop. All of my accounts sync to my Outlook.com account, and logins and data sharing is flawless. Excellent app, just want two more things to track on Endomondo on any platform. Blood Pressure, and Glucose Readings. I am personally not Diabetic at this stage, but I have a few family members on the web app to track their carbs. This program has one of the simplest and best food entry and tracking programs out there. I have used tools on food.com, My Calorie Counter, and Live Strong. All those apps are painful to use. Either you get tons of adware that makes it pointless to use, or you get glitch web pages that just don't work. Endomondo keeps it clean, simple, and functional. Even my dear old Dad can use it!

Dru · 11/13/2013
A nice start

But the web app is far more functional and usable at this point. Given some more growth however, this could be an app that is a superior user experience to the website much as Facebook for windows 8.1 is.

Tom · 9/2/2013
Only to see your workouts

Cannot edit anything. This app is ONLY for viewing your past workouts. To do any editing, you must go to their website. But its still awesome!

Maria · 8/13/2013
It's okay wish it had more

This basically shows the same stuff on your phone. You can't add any workout details. Also when you want to look the calendar of your workouts you can't just click on the workout that you want to see the details of. Instead it goes to the latest one you've done and you have to scroll all to the old ones. I really hope they make these updates soon. Otherwise, it really is pointless to have this as an app when it takes a little more effort to go to the website.

Heath · 7/9/2013
Okay, but read-only

The app is laid out nicely and shows rotating stats I haven't seen on the site (not without following a bunch of links), but the app really misses out on some great functionality - like being a share target for *.gpx (or other supported extension) files to easily log data from, say, my Garmin (which I just access via the file system most times), adding workouts through the app, and even being a share source for social networking via, for ex., the People hub. I'd be happy to give it 5 stars then.

Gregory · 6/13/2013
End up using website given limited functionality

This app really needs statistics to be very useful. Right now I always end up turning to the web. Am glad Endomondo is generally supporting Windows. Windows Phone app is quite good (will be better once low energy Bluetooth is supported by Microsoft).


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