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Brandon · 8/12/2015

love the app but when I upgraded to windows 10 it crashes every time I click a muscle. PLEASE FIX! I NEED THIS FOR SCHOOL! I spoke with customer support and they said they are working on a update and more than took care of me.

Kevin · 8/14/2015
Windos 10 Update

The program is ok but need update with windows 10 it crashes when you touch a muscle for info.

Reviewer 4051 · 7/29/2015

Apple always gets the updates (sometimes years ahead of windows) and apple also has all the nova series of this app that can be interlinked.

Milan · 8/16/2015
This is a very useful app.

grate!!! but have few problems with some structures. hope this will improve with new updates.

Cory · 6/14/2015
Great study tool

Missing reproductive system male/female. All systems included have great visibility, and transparency so you can see from all advantage points. It really is a great tool if your using it to study anatomy. Great quizzing style, both multiple choice, and drag & drop style. Also, if using a touch screen computer, great manipulation of organs, vessels, bones, and quiz usage.

Al · 8/3/2015
Does not work with Windows 10

Amazing app, until your system upgrades to Windows 10... NEEDS to be FIXED ASAP...

Reviewer 0632 · 6/15/2015
App disappeared

I bought and installed this app for $10. Then installed it onto my windows surface but when I search for it, it's no where to be found. It worked only for a couple months then it disappeared. I tried going back to windows store and installing it again. It let me install again, but is still no where to be found. Every time I go back to windows store to try make sure it's installed. It says it's already installed and doesn't give me that option anymore. Could be Windows surface problem, could be essential anatomy problem. Not sure who's the cause.

Kevin · 3/9/2015
Where are the Insertions and Origins Feature?

For such an expensive app, its so incomplete. Hopefully, the Insertions and Origins are included in an update or something

Reviewer 1765 · 7/17/2015

Helped me get a good grade on my Muscle exam. I will be using this app many times in the future. If you guys could update Windows to version 5 it would be highly appreciated. Even Version 3 is 1000x better then any other 3D Human Anatomy app I have ever seen. Thank You.

Reviewer 0396 · 6/7/2015
Really Good

I installed a more expensive app similar to this one, and the more expensive app is better. But this one is still pretty darn awesome. One thing I like about this app that I can't do with the other (or at least I haven't figured out how to do it with the other) is that you can select a group of items, such as all the bones and parts of the foot, and click "isolate". Then everything else in the model goes away, and you can focus on the selected items. Very cool. Also, in this app, unlike the other, you can pan by swiping with 2 fingers ( index and thumb). That makes it easier to navigate the 3D model.


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