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User · 1/29/2015

Difficult to search

Jesse · 12/28/2014

Horribly disappointed. I have this same app on an my Apple devices and it's far better. Windows version is almost useless. Horribly glitchy and hardly any features that are on the Apple version. Not a whole lot that can be done in this Windows version. I'd like to see this app stepped up...way up. :-(

Julia · 10/6/2014

One continuous scroll...pages people pages that you can turn with a flick or touch!!!

Jon · 7/18/2013

Very difficult to use.

Nyamej · 5/13/2011

Big fan of cw esv, however this app has some serious and minor flaws: Posted highlights reference the wrong book which makes sharing the gospel peculiar at best :). Apparently does a +1 on the book; quotes from Revelation have no reference. Less serious is performance of the reader scrolling. This is not a fleet-footed scripture app, but it's one if the best looking. Fixing these will dramatically increase rating. Thx!

JayRay86 · 4/5/2011


Player634512591 · 1/14/2011

Very laggy, I uninstalled the app. Fail.

Grace · 6/8/2015

I absolutely love the ESV version and the app has a very simple setup. It is having problems glitching though, which is frustrating

Bryan · 12/12/2014

This app has its pros and cons. Pro: Good text, the UI is pretty and functional when working. Local storage is used, so no data connection is needed to use. Cons: Formatting errors abound. The app's UI is slow and buggy. Since upgrading my phone to Windows Phone 8.1, I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times after it became nonfunctional. Overall I would say this app could be the YouVersion killer if a few steps are taken. 1. Fix the performance and formatting issues. 2. Provide study tools. 3. Allow for linking to Crossway accounts. Really, I'll say this. If an ESV Study Bible app were to come to Windows Phone, I would buy it. //edit: When I reach the end of Revelation the app quits working. It will just force close everytime I open it. Please fix!

Drew · 10/28/2014

I have been looking for a quality Bible app for Windows Phone, and I stumbled upon this version, which is just like my Bible at home. Best of all, it's free and does not require my pictures for no reason. Thank you, and may God bless you, Crossway! Godspeed to your company! An update: Still a great app, just a bug report or something confusing me: In Psalms 37, some of the verses such as 5 and 8 have the incorrect letter for the cross-references. Example: In verse 5, it references on the first line using letter "d," while the second line references using letter "z." Another update: Psalms 42:6 part 1 needs a space after the period. Another update: Psalms 48:2 part 1 needs a space after the comma between the words "elevation" and "is." Here's another update: Mark 6:3 has the name "Joses," which should be "Joseph."


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