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Zach · 8/24/2015
Not bad for quick jotting.

I use Evernote exclusively as my notepad. But the touch app doesn't give you the professional interface that the normal software gives you, making it harder to sort and edit all of your notes and notebooks. If you choose to run Evernote as an office space that allows you to share your information with business partners, upload files, and create presentations, I would strongly recommend downloading the standard software. Otherwise, this app works great for a quickly adding notes on the fly and accessing your most recently added notes.

Thomas · 8/27/2015
Could not do without Evernote

Who in their right mind would rate this app 1 star? I mean, besides Google (Keep) and Microsoft (OneNote) employees. Evernote is amazing!

Sarah Kate · 8/17/2015
Must-have app on all devices!

I have an Evernote app on all my devices and I love that they sync. I use this app daily for jotting notes, ideas for articles I want to write, clipping from the web, writing recipes, etc. It's just fantastic and so versatile!

Matthew · 8/25/2015
This is ONLY for tablets

Don't Trust the 5 Star reviews, they are ALL written by "Unknown", which in the industry means the Evernote PR team and employees are posting positive reviews to try and drown out the flood of negative reviews since this app came out. I have been using Evernote for years and never had a problem between different devices (from MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Windows Tablet, Desktop PC) but now since updating to Windows 10, Evernote is the most useless app. No Search ability in the actual notes, the results of any search are just the note that the info is in, but you need to search through note line by line to try and find searched string, making it a waste of an app right off and to make matters worse, no copy/paste, so basically I would be better off with a notepad and a pen, because that is the gist of this new app, nothing but a picture of the info you need with no ability to quickly find or copy the information.

David · 8/12/2015

You can do so much with this app. The best part is having my notes everywhere I go. You can also clip web articles for easy read later without all the clutter!

Susan · 8/30/2015
Never leave home without it

I love this program. I've been using Evernote for years. I do a lot of traveling as a volunteer and this program has been a life saver every time. I use it to store anything I might want to get to when I'm not at home, even recipes! My husband an I use it for shopping and Christmas list of things we pick up for family and friend. 1, so we don't forget we got it, and 2, so the other one knows we got it. I make grocery lists and when one of us picks something up it gets checked off so the other knows. The messenger is nice too, because I can share things much faster with my children, who are also on Evernote. I can't say enough.. love love love this program.

CNF · 8/12/2015
Internal error in Win 10

Just doesn't work after all these years of loving this software, it just keeps giving me a " internal error" but all my other laptops/desktops that EN is installed on work just fine. Hmmmm, maybe back to the coding drawing board for this product on Win 10.

Tribe · 8/8/2015

Does well, good on most devices. Text options leave a little to be desired, but sounds like a design decision.

aravinthan · 8/6/2015
really its very useful app

by using this app, i can able to make notes of my schedules and i can easy remember by shopping list and lot more.

Rafael · 8/3/2015
Can't copy paste!? c'mon!!

I thought it would be nice to have a minimalistic evernote app, much easier and fast but then I realized you can't copy info from the notes, and it doesn't let you paste info inside a note either. What's the point of a "notes" app that doesn't let you do basic notes functions? going back to desktop app



  • Auto-synchronize notes among every computer, tablet and smart phone you use
  • For research, meeting and class notes
  • To capture ideas and design inspiration
  • To easily find notes on your computer or tablet
  • Find photos of whiteboards and wine labels
  • As part of your GTD system to help you stay organized

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Better note editing - Create checkboxes - Attach a photo to a note - Save and continue - Discard changes - Play saved audio inside Evernote Improved new user experience

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