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Edward · 8/1/2015
Not ready for the cloud yet

I initially thought that the dropbox sync was in this version, but it is not..... That is unfortunate, Especially since the addition of the drop box sync in the regular windows version kicks butt! Though here is my opinion of ewallet for windows and android... I have been using eWallet since the iPaq days and now with the new cloud sync, nothing compares. Don't bother looking anywhere else. This is the password manager to use!

Dan · 8/11/2014
Sync works fine on a MS Surface 2 - but different

I, too, am a long-time user, and I was put off by these negative comments. When I bought it for my Surface 2 tablet (Win 8.1 RT), I was very happy. The trick is that the sync process is different, apparently because of the demands of Win 8.1. The company has clear instructions for sync'ing, which you can find through Google. Basically, I exported from eWallet on my desktop PC to a network folder (could have been on a flash drive), then imported the file to get started on Win 8.1. There are other options for sync'ing on Win 8.1, too. I got what I wanted -- I can use all those passwords in eWallet on my Win 8.1 tablet. eWallet works nicely there, both with a mouse and with the touch screen. You just have to follow the directions to get started.

Mark · 8/8/2015
Great App for Securing Everything

This has been my main vault of passwords, credit cards, and all kinds of other mislanous information for years. Great to see a Modern App.

Edward · 10/13/2014
Its a shame, has not been update to sync.

Looking at the reviews a little bit shocked the "small" detail of syncing has not been resolved. Can't even open the file on my other devices, what's the point.

Ken · 9/10/2014
Does not support SYNC

Wish I had read other reviews before purchasing this product. The eWallet family of tools is excellent, particularly when I'm on the road. But, this particular version doesn't have sync capability. That makes the entire product useless for me. Buy the PC version instead!

Dan · 8/25/2014

Will not sync with dropbox or iCloud, good thing there is a trial, either change this or I will just have to delete

Eric · 4/12/2014
What happened?

I've been a loyal eWallet user for years. This version for Windows 8 is horrible! I don't want my wallet stored on MS OneDrive. I want to be able to sync my wallets on my iPad and iPhone with my laptop. The integration with IE is horrible too. Type one letter into a username or password box and the cursor jumps to search after typing each letter. Please, please make it work like the previous versions!

Russell · 1/30/2014
Windows rt 8.1

Fantastic app on all platforms accept windows rt, on which performance leaves something to be desired

Elaine · 12/4/2013
WOW!! What a disappointment!

I just learned via failed sync's, after upgrading my PC to Windows 8.1 that I have to buy the Windows 8 version of eWallet. I HATE IT! I can't even figure out how to sync with it, without going to illium's website...was so obvious and easy before. I just got done recommending this product to my brother, since I have used it from my first Palm Pilot over 10+ years ago and now wish I hadn't recommended it to him. Maybe he'll have better luck using his Mac and iPhone, but at this rate doubt if I'll purchase it and find another program. I am very sad about it since I have a lot invested in this app...BUMMER!!!

Paul · 12/3/2013
Limited but works

I've been using since Pocket PC. Now run on Android, PC, and now WinRT. It's annoying that the file itself is not compatible across Android and PC/RT. Android sync is iffy. I've set up WinRT with Windows file sharing, connected from PC running eWallet, and can sync with RT. It works well enough. I agree that some form of SkyDrive or similar cloud sync would be nice to avoid syncing device 1 to 2, then 2 to 3, then 3 to 4. Syncing with a central location definitely would be better.



  • Secure storage for passwords, usernames, PINs
  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure storage for bank and credit card info
  • Live URLs that launch the websites you know, without the dangers of phishing emails or typing errors taking you elsewhere
  • Built-in password generator to create strong, secure passwords
  • Pin cards to the Windows 8 start screen or to multiple categories for quick access to your information
  • Print card, category, search results, or entire wallet

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Version notes

Version - Distribution of characters improved with password generator - Improved error reporting Version - Minor fixes and improvements Version - Fixed issue with search taking focus on AutoPass pages Version - Support for Windows 8.1 - Added a search box within eWallet for quick and easy searching of cards - Support for resizing eWallet - Ability to add custom detail fields to a card - Minor fixes and improvements Version - Added a category picker to easily and quickly view cards from another category - Subcategories are now displayed right alongside cards - Improved tabbing between card fields when editing a card - Added search button - Performance improvements - Minor fixes and enhancements Version - Added printing of a card, cards in a category, search results, and all the cards in a wallet - Changed show/hide password button so its state toggles until pressed again - Can now set default card type for a category - Minor fixes and enhancements Version - Added ability to open a wallet by double clicking on the wlt file - Fixed display of images on Surface Pro - Minor fixes Version - Pin card to Windows 8 start screen or to a category - Password fields are now hidden and shown using a reveal button - Skype support - Increase size of text when viewing card - Minor fixes and visual improvements

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