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Reviewer 8541 · 6/12/2015
OK app but shows incorrect booking dates

I think the app itself is decent enough, could use improvements but it has a serious flaw, as shows incorrect check in/out dates for one of my bookings, even though the bookings looks correct when logged in to the web based tool (and also confirmed by Expedia rep). Also the way the past and upcoming bookings are shown is confusing, not sure what the sorting criteria is. All in all, it needs some bug fixes and visual improvements.

Denis · 2/1/2015

Terrible app. Please, throw this away and port the android version.

Bill · 2/22/2014
Nice App

Expedia makes it very easy to book hotels. I didn't notice a place to book plane tickets, or make a car reservation, though. Usually I'm only booking hotels anyway, so this isn't a huge deal.

Reviewer 7262 · 6/2/2015
Where's the rest of the functionality?

Downloaded this and found that it appears to work for hotel bookings only. That makes it largely worthless in my eyes. Please provide a full featured app so I can actually check my full itinerary!

Vito · 3/29/2015
Terrible Software

I can't seem to find a good quality Expedia app anywhere. Windows, Windows Phone, Android - they're all terrible. Expedia seriously needs to find some new management for their development teams. The apps crash, they're difficult to navigate. The Windows app is telling me that I have tons of hotel bookings, totaling tens of thousands of dollars - but they are just hotels that I've looked at, not booked.

Lee · 2/16/2015

It's terrible. Just use the website. Because quite frankly this app is nothing but a brain damaged version of it

Andrea · 12/15/2014

Awful. The Expedia App for Windows Phone is still immature and definitely not user-friendly. It needs lots of improvement for competing with other apps and operating systems.

Gene · 10/22/2014
Pretty, but only half done

What's there is visually appealing, but - even accepting that it's just for hotel reservations - important capabilities are missing. For instance: (1) It shows nice summaries of rooms, terms and costs, but there's no way to print to capture what you're asked to agree to. (2) There's no way to edit or even review or verify profile info such as credit card expiration. Worse, it allows selection and submission of an expired credit card without any warning. A final nit: (3) The app and its controls are difficult to use with a mouse, so really only functional with a touch screen device.

Ahmad · 10/18/2014

Thanks for the app. It's good, but We expect enhancements though.

Tim · 9/5/2014

Extremely disappointing. I just booked on the website, and I installed this to keep up with my itinerary, only to find a really sad web wrapper that didn't even prompt for my credentials until I clicked into My Scratchpad. No Live Tile support for my trip, no custom information presented to me during launch, no obvious way to pull up Expedia+ rewards...this just isn't sufficient. PLEASE update this to be a competent app.


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