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Reshan · 7/29/2015
Great support and getting closer to full feature set!

The EE team are very responsive when you email with questions and problems. And you can see each day they are adding more and more features to the app to make it the same as the other platforms which have existed for a much longer time!

Ashley · 7/21/2014
Too many issues

I purchased this app for my windows 8 laptop and it does not work like the ipad version. It crashes every time I try to export a video longer than 10 minutes. The delete button doesn't work correctly when recording (it deletes everything on the page when I press the garbage button or it doesn't do anything at all). When I upload a PDF longer than 1 page it only displays the last page (it does not put each page on a separate slide).

Zheng · 7/20/2014
Power Tool for Win 8 Users

I like the app a lot. It helps to make videos for my classes. But it does not have all the functions as the version for IPad. There is no editing tool as well. They should work hard to get the app improved and polished before the users turn to other apps.

Nima · 6/23/2014
Explain Everything on Windows 8!

Love the file-picker integration letting me bring in everything I have in Box, DropBox, OneDrive, and OneDrive Pro. Also, being able to use this app in split screen gives it a huge leg up over the iPad app!

Brian · 9/5/2014
First impressions not encouraging.

I just started using this version, after good reviews for the iPad. First, it consistently crashes when recording videos with imported pdf files. I then converted the pdf to png, and it seemed to work, but the export (which takes 3x as long as the movie recording itself) only recorded half of the movie I made. Very frustrating experience!

Jennifer · 8/3/2014

App crashes every time I try to access a saved file.

Paul · 8/11/2014
Too many bugs...

Excited to use this with SurfacePro 3, but there are too many issues: 1. Crashes frequently and unexpectedly. 2. Erasing all annotations deletes everything and not just annotations. 3. The erasure function does not work. Back to the iPad version....

Reviewer 7703 · 7/22/2014
Problems with surface

I was very disappointed at the watered down version of explain everything. The app keeps crashing and I can't open saved files. Huge disappointment.



  • Add new or existing photos, videos and PDF files
  • Use a variety of tools to edit and annotate
  • Record and playback all actions
  • Export MP4 movies, PNG images and editable .explain project files directly from your tablet / PC.
  • Import files from Dropbox and OneDrive (provided that you have installed Dropbox and OneDrive)

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Version notes

Changes: - Updated video objects - rotation, UI, properties, flipping - Updated Delete Tool (selection, buttons) - Updated Inspector Tool (borders, flipping) - Updated Drawing Tool/Eraser Tool - pre-defined thicknesses available - Windows 10 compatibility - Updated Help file - bugfixes Version

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