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Eduardo · 8/19/2015
Low perf and ages without an update

It does facebook navigation but in a slow way, it needs a perf update add features and adapt it to win 10 guidelines. Please Microsoft and Facebook do something with this app!

Rudy · 7/22/2015

When will you add sharing options (in message, to someone else's timeline, ...) and in-app browser for links? Feels like development has stopped.

Kaushal · 7/7/2015

Not good as ios and android app.all feature are missing.external links of Facebook opens in internet explorer.update it.make it as in iOS and android.Messenger is not working.

Erich · 6/24/2015

Recently became broken. Comments no longer are viewable on posts and app is still nowhere near feature parity with Android or iPhone. Step it up, it is sad when the browser is more functional and has more features then the 'app'.

Mike · 6/15/2015

Better than original for WP. Seems to be a power hog. My battery sense app always indicates excess battery drain when I use it.

James · 6/6/2015

You can't edit your posts only your comments. Line breaks in comments are ignored. You can't reply to a comment like you can in IOS and android. Videos don't auto play like IOS and android. Worse when entering anything sufficiently long either post or comment, the editing box gets cut off by the keyboard and you can't see what you're typing. Further there is no apparent way to control the follow function so you have to go to a computer just to follow someone. These are all major and obvious omissions that need to be fixed asap. As it stands this app is so far behind as to be an embarrassment. Microsoft I know you're working on windows 10 but this app is a disaster that desperately needs to be fixed and caught up. It is the most visible sign of the app gap between windows phone and ios/android and you're failing.

Omar · 5/28/2015

Well....it's very good, but I wanna reply on comments and manage my pages better...

edgar · 8/1/2015

Still have a large number of problems that they didn't solve or anything :(

Lyan · 7/25/2015

Fix birthday notifications and add option to stop notifications from posts.

Adam · 5/11/2015

slow update cycle, no event management, no security code generation... one of the more prominent representation of the "feature gap" on windows phone


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• Resource management improvements • Contact and event syncing improvements