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User · 8/15/2013

Would be nice if you could go back to the news feed at the same spot you left when done commenting on a post. I don't like having to scroll back down the entire list again. Also big white boxes cover most of the info on peoples pages. Annoying.

Connielyn · 7/11/2013

Muccch better than the official Facebook app, but eh still a little dodgy. My preferred fb app though!

Tanya · 6/27/2013

So far no problems. Everything seems to flow easily and update even. Great app!

Sean · 6/18/2013

This app has so many things wrong with it that annoy the hell out of you. First you are scrolling down looking at other peoples post and you find one that you like and you click on it. After you are done reading or looking at some photo you try to go back and continue looking but no the stupid thing takes all the way back to the beginning of the page. There are more things wrong with this app but I'm tired.

Anne · 5/29/2013

This app is ok when it works. Sometimes it loads a black screen instead of working. I don't like that after you view a post's comments, it takes you all the way back to the top of your news feed.

Phuong · 5/22/2013

Interface is horrid. Ads are always awesome.. I feel like it lacks effort. Other than that its an alright app. I only use it to chat since the other Facebook messenger is garbage.

User · 5/19/2013

I used this app because it worked in some ways better than official app( For example able to navigate friends, tag them) but the lack of ability to edit post, accidental clicking on ads, and trouble checking in/ posting pics is enough to make me uninstall this. :( wish there was a better functioning free app for windows phones.

Evelin · 5/16/2013

It is not letting me comment on anything -.-, and I can't copy pictures, I can't watch videos from the newsfeed!! Fix it now! Don't you guys read our comments?

User · 5/12/2013

I like it,however have a hard time making pictures full size

Jeff · 5/11/2013

I would give this app 5 stars if I could switch profiles to my fan page and upload photos.


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