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Jenea · 8/1/2015

Just switched to a Windows phone from an android. Facebook for Windows sucks! For days I get the same stories/post in my news feed. Even when I change it to most recent the first couple post are new but the rest are old. I don't like that I can't reply just to someone's comment. Also I have trouble with fb setting my likes and comments when I have perfect connection. Also I can't scroll through pictures people posted. I only see about 4 of them even if there are several more without going to their page and clicking on photos. But the main thing is to get different post in my news feed. I don't like reading the same ones over again.

Kirubaharan · 7/31/2015

It's good but, need some fixes I guess. Since one year am using Lumia 1520 and experienced couple of strange things with FB application with Lumia 1520 at least. Getting notifications / posted updates from pages which I never visited/like(d). Not able to see the comments, likes for an album that i have with my account even though it has as many as 75 likes and 35 comments. Few more too, but those I can manage 😊. Thanks.

Ryan · 7/30/2015
So bad

It lacks basic functionality and often doesn't show everything. Clicking on a notification it launches a browser. Can't store through photos. Can't see details of events Timeline is like a random content generator. Even posting updates is now sporadic in the latest version. I swear each update is actually a step backwards.

David · 7/26/2015
Pales in comparison to iOS and android.

Please give this app some love. Let us manage pages and groups at the same level as these counterparts.

Nikola · 8/1/2015

The app itself do the job. The notifications don't. It notifies me when someone share sommething or when sommeone changes the picture or other non important things to me. But, it doesn't notifies me when sommeone replays to MY comment, picture, wall post, or like and comment my photo... !!!!

MARLOWE · 7/26/2015

The must recent update (January 2015) makes it very difficult to view the most recent posts. When I try to view the most recent posts I see every item that my friends like. I don't want to see that. I want to see the most recent posts, not likes. It appears that my WP version does not sync with the newsfeed or following settings I set on the full version. These settings should be the same for all devices since there are not many settings options on the WP version. Please fix.

Nathan · 7/24/2015

It's like different colors of paint are the parts of facebook and this app dumped them all together and threw it at the wall. Please fix this I am a dedicated windows phone user and this doesn't make me feel like my loyalty is appreciated when the programming is complete garbage and doesn't work for the most popular app in your catalog!

Laura · 8/2/2015

Not very impressed by this app. Its easy to use and its nice looking compared to some of the other facebook apps but the main thing I don't like about it is the fact it doesn't show you most recent events and posts and there seems to be no way to change the way items are displayed on your feed. You can go to most recent feed but you have to do this every time you come on. What a pain!

Trent · 8/2/2015

I love the app, but it keeps throwing me out of the app. Then the content that is presented is just repeats of what is already been posted. Very upsetting....

Billy · 8/2/2015

I sincerely cannot understand why this app isn't better. It seems every time basic features and functionality are improved, they're monkeyed up in the next update. Why can't I keep my news feed on "most recent"? Why are the default top stories often from days or weeks ago and haven't been commented on since? Come on guys...