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Cody · 8/20/2015
Crashes a lot in windows 10.

Redesign to match windows 10 app design layout. Would be appreciated if there were a little bit of improvement on the fluency of the animation when panning to the left or right. (between wall, requests, messages...)

Ting · 8/24/2015

Can you please update ? It's really slow when you upload some photos and videos... You will miss a lot,of notification. Just make the functionalities like the android facebook but the look is great...please fix and update...thank you so much team

Brad · 8/19/2015
App is junk

You can view most content... Pictures almost never upload. Birthdays show up as broken invites... It rarely shows me updates I have to hit the globe then they populate. Garbage all around. The web version is better than this app.

Tina · 8/20/2015

HORRIBLE! Instead of buying out other companies, Facebook needs to focus on getting their own stuff in order. This app always times out, and never gives me with the latest updates. I'll see posts from a few days ago on the top of my feed over the most recent. Even when I use the mobile site, it does the same thing. Not sure if it's a developer trick to push users to desktop/tablet vs mobile and app, but there's no excuse for this to be VERY FRUSTRATING to use!!!! And it's an Windows OS problem, my work phone is an Android and it's the same experience as well.

Sulaymaan · 8/15/2015

App has started to crash. No HD video support. Many times pictures don't upload. Can't view replies to comments (they only appear as standalone comments). Can't reply to comments either. Clicking on most notifications takes you out of the app and into your browser. No option to report/hide/edit posts. Come on, guys. What is this?

Menard Dennison · 8/17/2015

It so hard to upload a photo! And loading of feeds is too much late dated. Its 20hours ago. Etc. Wheres the latest??!! Ex. 13min ago ... Just a moment. Sucks.. 😒

Blake · 8/20/2015
Feature Update Would be Nice

An update that adds more features would be fantastic. Is been awhile.

Greg · 8/21/2015

This version of Facebook is really terrible, still is putting older posts as current. I think it's time to drop my windows phone and switch to an android. Window's is allowing the platform to fall apart.

David · 8/21/2015
Barely works

The cache "feature" makes it ridiculous, I only keep it on my phone to have updated photos of friends and have to use the mobile browser version to get any real updates.

Glenn · 8/13/2015
Getting better

The mobile version of the app has definitely gotten better though there are features missing but I hopefully get added soon. One feature I would like to see is a transparent tile and to be able to view created docs in group pages which i can do on android and ios as well as the web but not the windows phone app.


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