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Lucas · 9/1/2015

5 months have passes and no updates. Shameful.

Yik Ming · 9/2/2015

This app is a total mess. The news feed shows SUPER old stuff, still not able to read long post, not able to edit post, change profile cover and picture, copy or report comments, background uploading, comment with stickers, etc.. Please, Microsoft, treads your OWN platform better. That's one of the reasons why windows phone has a low market share, although I love windows phone.

Jesse · 8/29/2015
Doesn't post anything and fails to load news feed.

Nothing in this app works the way it should. I've pretty much just given up using the mobile app as there's only posts from ages ago and trying to post to your own wall never works. Unfortunately they have us up against the wall, because what are you gonna do, stop using Facebook?

Lennox · 8/30/2015

Easier to use the web browser than the app. Only part that's better than doing it on the internet is how I view pictures. Since 8.1 the the app has continued to be problematic. Also the if I could view messages without the stupid messenger the app would be fine. The next update should really just be the version it had before that 8.1 update. That was the last time the app actually worked well. Rolling back is the best option until you can really fix the many issues of the later versions.

Carter · 8/31/2015
Can do better

Needs features of android and ios. Can't update cover photo, can't edit posts, can't upload a profile picture without putting it on my timeline first, can't edit who I don't want to see my posts, doesn't upload when the app is closed, never uploads a few photos at the same time. Absolutely awful job.

Savoie · 8/28/2015

I'm fed up. I open the app, I can only view most popular. I open a video, it force closes in the middle of the video. I scroll for awhile, all of a sudden, it refreshes and I get kicked back to the beginning of my feed. I scroll for a sec, and it won't load any more posted. Just annoying... The only reason it doesn't get one star? Because at least it opens and functions at a basic level.

Maria isabel · 8/30/2015

This app is horrible I can't do anything. I can't upload pictures and it lags a lot. In a group I don't see new posts only old posts that are months old. I have to use the browser instead. Please update!!

erika · 8/31/2015

Love fb but this app for my phone is horrible im late on post cuz its not refreshing as should even the app for fb messenger crashes please fix asap

Crystal · 8/25/2015

Since the latest update, this app has been terrible. For instance, it gives notification that there are new stories but if you scroll up, you find old posts, some posted up to two days ago. As far as uploading photos, it always seems to struggle, and sometimes, despite the level of service it can't upload at all. You can't edit a status if you find a typo, your only option is to delete it. You also can't utilize Facebook's new reply to comment function, so if enough people are replying to comments on a feed, then the comments appear all jumbled when you try to find a reply to your comment.

abdul kare · 8/29/2015

The worse app that i ever had. I can even post a photo. And always late update of the news feed. I think then only purpose of this app is to view and like the super late news feed. Its very far from what facebook of android app. Pls fix it!!! Make it like an android facebook app.


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