• Your friends are always at your side with Snap View, even when you're using other apps
  • See what your friends are up to
  • Get updates in Live Tiles on your Start screen
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Share updates and photos
  • Chat and have group conversations

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New features: - Sticker Store - Better Caching - Delete/Archive Message Threads - Post as Page Admin - Message Received Sound - Bugfixes Note: Windows 8.1 is required to run this app.

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Kevin · 7/25/2015
No Windows 10 optimization!

This app hasn't been updated for Windows 10, so it doesn't mesh well with Action Center. One place where it works well with Windows 10 is that the app window can be resized and used for chat/messaging features. However, don't expect to received notifications consistently when new messages arrive. If you're on Windows 10 and want the full experience of how incomplete and Windows 8.1-heavy this app is, go to Hamburger (lame) > Settings. Once the Charms Bar (?!) pops out, click Account Settings, then sit back and relax while the app opens up a browser, loads facebook.com, and asks you to log in so that you can finish something the app should be able to do within itself. Thanks, Facebook!

Archie · 7/20/2015
Please update the app

Since Windows 10 is coming and the SDK is available. I hope Facebook app should take advantage these new features especially for taking advantage of Action Center. It needs better notification and make it actionable like able to do quick reply and replying with Like. It also needs to see more message summary on Action Center, by properly using the description are of notification and avoid using title as a message summary. It also needs updated looks to match with new UI on Web and from Android/iOS counterpart. It needs to be on par with web in terms of features, even with ads is acceptable. Uploading photo needs to redesign and make it fast. UI needs redesign to match the new Windows 10 looks and make use the titlebar area for Facebook controls. Live Tile needs to improve too. Lastly the app really needs to be fast, very fast and snappy to use.

Deejay · 7/20/2015
Where are they?

I don't understand this app... Where are all the extra features and why does it looks so plain and boring? Can't access groups, can't save videos or photos, difficult to share, doesn't show names when commenting and referencing someone, no picture commenting, app constantly signs me out... I'm sorry, but this app should not be this bad... Absolutely horrible... Needs to be updated badly!

Reviewer 5213 · 7/21/2015
Not as good as it used to be

Facebook has forgotten its customers. It is not the application it once was. Why do I want to see the same news feed for multiple days while missing anything new, even when I click to see the newest postings. I have Windows 8 and can't even create an event. I had to go to an older computer to be able to do it. These are just a couple of items that disappoint me with Facebook. I just might be done with it once and for all

Jeffrey · 7/16/2015
Poor experience

Really drives me nuts that the live tile shows a post from a friend and when I tapto open, it does not take me to that post. Just opens the app and then makes me play go find it. I constantly have to sign in to this app every couple days. You are better off to just use a browser and enjoy all the features. This app needs major work. Limited features as opposed to other app platforms, and its always asking me sign in again. Really???

Reviewer 5110 · 7/18/2015
Keeps logging me out

I really like how the app integrates with my computer. For example, it syncs my Facebook profile photo with my Microsoft account's profile photo and it syncs my profile banner photo with my computer's lock screen photo. I don't like the design of the app, it doesn't fit in well with the design of their other Facebook apps, it just feels too clunky. For that I took off a star. My biggest gripe however is with the fact that the app keeps logging me out and I have to constantly log back in. For that I removed 2 stars. Facebook, please fix this.

Pablo · 7/21/2015
Needs an update

This app is good for getting facebook notifications. That's about the extent of it's usefulness. It needs to more features in it, and maybe a more updated layout (with windows 10 coming out and all). There's also some things like the pokes page and facebook apps that are not supported by this app. There should be more support for things like these rather than having the web browser handle it.

Alexi · 7/17/2015
Latest update has broken notifications!

Updates keep bringing in good stuff, but also breaking other functionalities. With the latest update no notifications work. NO toast notifications, NO live tile count. Please fix this, Facebook. The app is shaping up to be a good app.

Jason · 7/21/2015
Continually logs me out

The app is just alright but logs me out all the time and requires me to log back in quite often. Pretty annoying from a user experience standpoint. If it weren't for the log out issue, I'd probably use it more than the website on tablets.

Reviewer 1904 · 7/15/2015
Freezes then restarts

This happens every time I open messenger. Why are there so little updates? Facebook is THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA! Please start acting like it!

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