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Cody · 9/2/2015
Underdeveloped. Disappointing

(Windows 10 laptop) Doesn't scroll with arrow keys, just makes the screen flash. Crashes often. Doesn't seem to have a standard format, and seems to change too much when resizing, but does not seem to make things easier for whatever size. Have to log in every time it is opened, but still asks if I want to set my Profile and Cover photos to my lockscreen. Takes a long time to load timeline, new feed, messages, and many other pages. Overall disappointing to see such a useless version of Facebook application. Browser version is much better than the app, so far. If fixed, I will update my review. But for now, 1 star, more like half of 1 star. Very sad.

Dominic · 8/31/2015
Lock Screen and Notifications on Windows 10 not working

On one of my PCs it works fine. On another: 1, the notifications on Windows 10 does not appear for Facebook. 2. If I set "Profile Sync" to ON, the Windows 10 Lock screen is Gray and doesn't show my profile picture.

Jay · 8/31/2015
Very buggy

Lots of bugs in this. Comments on photos don't show up in the correct order. Sometimes it wont load. The app is still useable. Unfortunately, it's when apps are left like this that makes Windows Store such a terrible app store. Wish it was better!

Mikea · 8/29/2015

Update UI for Win 10 (make it like other platforms)especially for the messaging part because its horrible. This app should do everything on its own and not link to the FB website to change settings or use other features (like make a new account etc.). All its features should be on the app itself (like video chat etc.). It logs out all the time so keep the account logged in.

Jesse · 8/28/2015
Not bad, needs work.

The app gets the job done, but that's as far as I would go. It runs smoothly more consistently than using facebook through edge and the desktop notifications are nice, however I find myself using the website through edge more often than the app for a few reasons: -there's no most recent option, and my news feed seems completely random. -you can only have one convo open at a time, and it doesn't always keep the conversations active. if I don't go back to a conversation right away, it will no longer be at the top, and if I open up the message via the notifications at the top right, it opens up messages rather than using messenger. you have to search for the person at the bottom right to re-open the conversation through messenger. -when someone sends me an audio message I can't play it, Id have to download it to listen. -it crashes--not too often, but often enough to be bothersome.

Christian · 8/28/2015
Good improvement

nice, clean, easy to use, speed... simple.

Geoffrey · 8/28/2015
In need of an update

Right now, the app is slow and stutters sometimes, and the experience isn't that great. A universal app would be nice - but before that, maybe iron out the bugs and bring it on par with the other platforms, like iOS and even web.

Anthony · 9/1/2015
Requires daily sign in

App is reasonably functional but has a very frustrating quirk of requiring daily sign-ins, even though I never sign-out. Fix this and a few more issues others have pointed out, and we should end up with a decent app.

Tugsuu · 9/1/2015

Great app but there is a little bug i guess. Sometimes app just exits when i try to send message to someone dont know why. And need some features such as Group photo etc i cant find group photo button i have to scroll down to see photos

Christopher · 8/26/2015
Needs work

*Update* This app has barely changed since I wrote my first review and needs to be updated for Windows 10 as well as for Windows 10 Mobile. The facebook app is one of the worst made apps I have used as far as official apps go. I waited a while to get apps like facebook and twitter from the official companies since I got windows 8 when it first came out. I hate how I don't have full functionality in the app, I often find myself using the web browser version more. When I click links in the app, sometimes it just brings me to the web version of facebook anyways.



  • Your friends are always at your side with Snap View, even when you're using other apps
  • See what your friends are up to
  • Get updates in Live Tiles on your Start screen
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Share updates and photos
  • Chat and have group conversations

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New features: - Sticker Store - Better Caching - Delete/Archive Message Threads - Post as Page Admin - Message Received Sound - Bugfixes Note: Windows 8.1 is required to run this app.

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