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Sean · 7/15/2015

If, if I can get it to start without immediately shutting off it still is way less useful than either the fandango website or Google's 1st Gen Theater tool.

Ben · 7/17/2015
Great app

Could use an update for windows 10 Make it more fluid

Miles · 5/1/2015

Fandango can't seem to make time to keep their app updated and fully support Windows Phone users, so why should I bother using their service? This is another case of abandonware. The app is useable but is far from useful. It does not allow you to log in which means there is no way to purchase tickets. Please take the time to update this app, Fandango!

Brent · 7/11/2015

Unstable. Routinely crashes after switching to Theaters tab. Hasn't been updated in a while. Very disappointing.

Kaushik · 6/14/2015

Useless. Asks for location or zipcode. When I enter it either crashes or says cant resolve location. Dumbness.

Cody · 7/3/2015

Nice app, but plz update for windows 10 with new and improved UI 😊😊😃😊 really needs it.

how dare lawrence · 6/21/2015

Has all the movie info, but will not let me log in or purchase tickets. Only good to find out movie info, other Apps work for this too

Marc · 6/21/2015

Was a great app but it is no longer functional. App crashes and cannot set location or login to an account.

Jeremy · 6/15/2015

The doesn't show all of the times nor does it actually let you buy tickets. What's the point of it all? Just take it out of the store already.

Colin · 6/1/2015

The app use to let you log in, and buy tickets with/without logging in. Why is the app no being supported anymore?