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Nikoloz · 7/27/2015

The most powerful and function-rich photo processing app on WP and the the same time one of the most INCONVENIENT one. All the features seem to be poorly organized. The app interface is abysmal and discouraging to use. That all is very pity, considering the potential this app has. It jas not been updated since like forever and when i saw the update available last month, i hoped it would include the mich anticipated change, improved interface and functionality, but to my disappointment the developer(s) seems to have found easy way of taking advantage of huge fan-base of the app and updated ONLY the logo of the app (very tasteless one) and inserted adds in app thus making the experience on the app even worse. I hope this will change soon :)

Musiwa · 7/28/2015

Five stars are very few to show how I rate this fantastic Fantasia app. After downloading a number of photo-editing tools from the Windows Phone Store, I wondered if there's one that suits my tastes. Today I have found it and it's a staple in my Lumia 1020, a phone that I bought in October 2014 mainly for its camera. In my view, no photo-editing app in WP Store comes close to Fantasia. Thank you Nokola!

User · 6/16/2015

I've been using Fantasia Painter since 2012. No other mobile os has this app and I do not want them to have it, because this app is among the few good WP apps ( ilomilo, Advanced English Dictionary ) in windows phone marketplace. Microsoft should promote such developers for its own sake.

Danny · 6/22/2015

The best editor/painter app I've used,Thank You very much!!!!! Please consider adding compass & square,or something similar. Need help with straight lines and circles.

sushil · 7/18/2015

Best app available on Windows store. Thanks a lot for this. Please also provide option of colour popping

SINGH · 6/14/2015

Good to hear the dev is back. Here's the some of features that we want :- 1. Ability to detect and copy a colour and use it to write text and paint with brushes. (it is really hard to match the colours with specific picture) 2. Ability to select a colour and replace it with another one. (if we select a colour every corner in the picture heaving that colour replace with new one) 3. Written text should be able to bend to make a curve or circle. 4. Bring some effect to written text like fade-out, burn in, light etc. (For e.g plz check the android version of picsart). Thanks in advance 👍

Chris · 6/3/2015

There is no app that comes even close to this one. Why is it free? This should be used by everyone. This could easily be a $500 program on the PC. I use it every day. The possibilities for creativity are infinite! Show some support and buy the paid version. Thanks Sunny for coming back with all the new updates.

mary · 5/30/2015

The app is great but can you fix the tile effects , it makes the pictures pixalated

Stacey · 6/2/2015

Fantastic Amazing, takes a little while to get the hang of it. The update of 6/1/15 looks great. So glad you kept previous options and just added more. The embossed addition is great

Kamran · 5/31/2015

This is really the best painting/photo app in the store. I had a little issue when opening the effects menu, but the support answered me really fast and helped me. I'd give it 6 stars :D