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Player145610821 · 7/17/2012

Amazing how it navigates within mall, search needs some improvement though.

thesecondsfade · 5/15/2012

Can't ins any of my malls. It needs a location based search.

g1nchy · 8/8/2012

UI a bit cumbersome and slow to use. Can't pinch zoom into maps. Lots of potential in the app though.

Projekt SHIN · 5/18/2012

FastMall provides a Interactive, Detailed, and Accurate Map of your Favorite Shopping Malls. The Application is Well Developed, with a Dedicated UI that is Simple and Clean. It also allows you to Download the Mall Map, so you are able to Navigate without GPS or WiFi. FastMall for Windows Phone is a Must Download for anyone who Frequents the Mall. However the App itself seems to Fall Short in some Areas which Ultimately Prevented it from Receiving 5/5 Stars. The App is Slow and Sluggish, and Lacks Certain Key Features. Such as Logins along with Checking In etc. The App has a lot of Potential, and I can see these things being Resolved by the Next Update Easily. -Projekt-

ShootsQuick · 5/16/2012

Nice app but needs a little work. You can search for the store you want. However, it would be more handy to have a list of stores in the mall. Then you could pick the store you want and it would highlight it on the map.

camaroon15 · 5/13/2012

Been playing with it a bit, pretty good so far. I haven't confirmed store accuracy but seems correct from memory. Suggestion would be to give a list of stores instead of making users touch each blue dot. When you search it will bring up all stores in a list, but you have yo enter the first letter of the store name. Another would be zooming in to make it easier to touch dots. Look forward to future updates!

GOT1HEAD4U · 5/11/2012

Descent app for navigating malls....suggest making the map able to zoom in and out...slightly more detailed(stores.surroundings) and update to show deals from the various stores

BeefCakeWarrior · 5/13/2012

They don't have maps for the 2 malls closest to me.

MartiBWBear · 5/13/2012

The closest mall to me had the dots shifted down and to the right,below the map. Completely useless. The second I looked at was correct. The nearby list at first didn't populate,then had malls up to 200miles away,then after a swipe only had the 1st 4. I also noted several said 'no map.' Better functionality will get more stars.

wholikesxbox · 8/8/2012

Good app. Not very useful. It did crash on me once.


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