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User · 5/31/2015

O would love this app even more if I understood how to understand the exercise tracker irked. I dont know if I am eating to much or to little when it come down to it with exercise. And how do we manage our diet with kcals?

Laura · 6/14/2015

Unable to access on my Nokia Lumia 928. The screen just stayed white. I tried several times and am uninstalling.

User · 5/19/2015

This app is 5 stars. It is small in size, but it tracks weight, exercise, food, and gives graphs to compare in and out on calories, weight goal. You can plan your exercise in the future. I'm impressed.

Brad · 7/20/2015

Great for diabetics as the carb count is prominently displayed.

Robert · 3/8/2015

Wow! Being preloaded with brands and restaurant menu makes this so easy to use!

crystal · 3/26/2015

Love this app, it keeps me on track!

Heather · 1/4/2015

I recently began an eating plan based on macros. I found this app to be extremely helpful until the screen layout changed for today's date and the macro info disappeared. It still shows macro info for yesterday and all days prior to today, but it will only show me total calories consumed for today, not carbs, fat and protein...which I what I NEED to see. Needless to say, I'm very frustrated! Before I began experiencing these problems, I likely would've rated the food diary part 5 stars. The exercise log, however, is VERY inaccurate in regards to how many calories you burn during exercise. I wear a heart rate monitor that tells me how many I'm burning and this app says I'm burning double that!

User · 12/19/2014

Has literally everything necessary. And super easy to work. I love this app!

Cheryl · 12/7/2014

Officially impressed this AM. I drink a very obscure protein powder, and found it in the food search. Excellent surprise. App works great. Wish I could add exercise to the list like I can add foods, but otherwise very happy.

Michael · 11/20/2014

This app is very accurate and thorough in the foods that it covers. I was surprised to find the specific brand of fiber that I use to treat IBS in it (Heather's Tummy Organic acacia Senegal Fiber). The daily totals display helps out tons, and the RDI chart is sure to help anyone manage their calories and lose weight. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and knowing what carbs are in what foods, and the total carbs for each meal and the total daily carbs make this app a lifesaver for someone like me. Try it out, you won't be sorry!