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Jason · 4/19/2015

Best I can say is the app and live tiles are graphically pleasing. Overall, the app is so limited and hasn't been updated in two years. There is nothing I can do with this app that I can't already do with the MSN Money or Mint apps. I will stick with them for accessing my Fidelity account.

Nilesh · 6/26/2015

Poor design. Android app version better

nick · 1/27/2015

This version of the Fidelity app really is gimped. I use Android iOS, and WP, each a fair bit, and the amount of features missing from the WP version is embarrassing. I get that WP has a small user base, but a poor app is a poor app. You cannot initiate any sort of transfer or withdrawal, deposit a check, or cancel transfers on WP, but all these features are to my knowledge, available on iOS and Android. I give 2 stars because it does allow you to check your positions and accounts with the most intuitive layout of the three platforms, and loads quickly even on my low end Lumia 521. (iOS is a mess in this regard for some reason) So kudos to fidelity labs on that. If this app is brought up to feature parity with the other platforms it would earn a 5 stars in my opinion.

Marv · 1/23/2015

Beautiful app with access to accounts and trading. Would be better with bill pay and mobile check deposit, however. IPhone and Android apps have both the features. Would appreciate active development.

Larry · 12/26/2014

This is a good app but I fear there is a lack of support. During the day the portfolio does not update. Sounds like the update should be the first fix before adding new features. Fidelity, the windows phone marketshare may be smaller than the iPhone and android but I bet our portfolios represent a sizable amount of money compared to the two other platforms. Ignoring us is not a good idea. It has been too long since the last update. Last update August 2013. Either we are forgotten or this is app perfection.

John · 12/13/2014

Needs to add check scan/deposit and bill pay.

Jonathan · 11/13/2014

Very glad to see the app, and generally decent, but need mobile check deposit!!! This is standard for bank apps at this point. Also need transfers and cash management features. Please add these industry standard features, stop neglecting!!! This is an app that started out good but hasn't been updated and is missing key features from other platforms!!

Ashvin · 10/31/2014

great app- simple and clean

Jeff · 10/17/2014

No check deposit or cash management features. No parity with apps on ios or android.

Nikhil · 10/10/2014

Doesn't allow cash transfer between Fidelity account and bank account.


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