• Browse files and folders anywhere on your computer
  • Manage your favorite folders
  • File and folder operations such as copying, moving, renaming, deleting and creating new folders
  • Pin your important folders to Start
  • Share files with other apps
  • Launching files

Additional information

Version Notes

After a long time of no updates at all, I remade this app completely from scratch. It looks mostly the same, but under the hood, this is an entirely different app (and ready for the future!). As a result, apart from little performance improvements, many bugs have been fixed and you can see little improvements throughout the app, such as: - you can now freely resize the app and there aren't any black borders around - you can now pin any folders to start, even libraries and favorites - when you navigate to an empty folder, it says that the folder is empty (so you don't have to wait and wonder whether it's gonna load) - folder tooltips now correctly show the size of the folder - the UI is nicer in certain parts of the app, especially in settings and flyouts - some buttons are a bit bigger and little things like being able to press enter to submit creating new folder or renaming - your color theme should now be synchronized across devices (should other settings sync too?)

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Aleksander · 11/16/2014
Looks nice and No Ads

Overall I am disappointed with this file explorer. I wanted to like it, but I could not even figure out how to add folders to my favorites. Has potential, just needs some additional development.

Jarrett · 12/30/2013

would be useful if the thumbnail mode actually produced thumbnails. instead all folders are blank white. yay another failed implementation of the use of the word thumbnails.

Nick · 11/30/2013
Please make it easy to use

I'm sure you guys put feature like "move/delete", items or folders some way (or maybe not), I'm still finding it!

S · 1/7/2013

Where is My Computer? Why Can't I add that? Why can't I add ANYTHING after the initial choice?

Ladislau · 1/2/2013
Doesn't work with homegroup

No matter what I do it cannot see all folders shared for the homegroup. Desktop file explorer shows them just fine.

Joshua · 7/5/2014
Want File Extensions And More Details

I really like this app. One thing that I want is the ability to see file extensions. I would also like to see creation date and file size when using tile view (or maybe a third detail view would be good). With that, selecting a file should give some detail preview. There is one file manager that pops a detail sidebar out. I think that's really cool. Another file manager simply gives a details button and tapping it shows a message box with details. Personally, I like the sidebar idea. Either would be great, though. Those would make it a five star app, to me. An Open With option would be appreciated. One issue that I have is that there is no progress dialog when copying files. There should be some indication as to what is happening. The developer should include an email option so that users don't have to use reviews for feature suggestions.

Kasra · 5/21/2014
Not convenient, not configurable

It's more a Library browser than anything. If I need to open my external drive or something of the sort, it will take me some number of clicks and drop down menu navigations. Wanted to reconfigure single/double click behavior and no success. Two stars for no ads, that's perhaps a way to go in this day and age

jonny · 5/15/2014
No "open with..."

"open with" is one of the basic things you expect from a file explorer. It should have this option when you select several files (or a folder) as well: "open all with..." Except for that it's a very nice straightforward app

Patrick · 4/17/2014
File Browser

I have been feverishly looking for a good file explorer app for quite a while & I have found it! I love this app! It has such a good UI! My favorite feature is the ability to choose & attach files to new email messages in the Mail App (through the Share Charm), which the native desktop Explorer cannot do (through the Ribbon). The only thing I'd suggest is have an option to see your full storage tree in the navigation panel with the ability to collapse & expand folders like in the native client. Keep the favorite functionality, just add this as an option. Thanks for a great app!

spider · 4/7/2014
needs more folder options on by default

I think you should make the This PC folders and Library and Drives on by default as shortcuts, so just like mirroring the file explorer. Otherwise its pretty good, except thumbnails are quite large and in need of a better folder icon design. Otherwise it works great as alternative to Windows or file explorer on the desktop.

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