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Max · 8/28/2015
Win10 app is great.

Really enjoying this application. I still usually use my phone to sync with my Fitbit but I prefer browsing using this app. Keep it up!

Reviewer 0584 · 8/23/2015
The app constantly glitches

Let me start off by saying I like my Fitbit Flex tracker. I have enjoyed logging all my exercise and food/water intake. I have learned a lot about my sleeping habits by using its sleep mode. With the product itself I have no problem. But the app for my Asus tablet that runs Windows 8.1 is horrible. It has had its uses when it comes to logging activities, food, and water; but the app constantly glitches. The colors on the screen fail to load properly every time, many times it cannot find food to log that the website can find, many times it runs so slow that it essentially reboots, and many statistics it shows me about my calorie intake are falsely labeled on the app when correct on the website dashboard. I would recommend Fitbit to people, but not this app.

Dawn · 8/23/2015

Like new updates. Wish windows cell phones were more compatible with all Surge features. But love Fitbit and challenges and access is easier than ever now.

Michelle · 8/21/2015
Sexier than Fitbit Connect but Not as Functional

The design is sleek and some features are a little flashier, but I loved the Fitbit Connect dashboard for desktops. It had a lot of great features that mobile apps didn't have. I really miss sleep hygiene statistics and the easier to read sleep map from Connect, being able to easily delete weight logs from Aria, being able to tap my fitbit and track exercise, being able to add in new types of exercise, etc. I'm seriously considering reverting because I'm enjoying fitbit less with this app. Function always wins over flash.

abbie · 8/20/2015
I love my fit bit, best device to help encourage me

I love that it helps me want to get more steps in just to beat the day before!! Thanks fit bit!! Cant wait to get the new one that tells me the time and all the other good jazz!!

Zamil · 8/16/2015
Just to update this review on Windows 10

Well the Fitbit app wasn't working, so I just reinstalled it. And it was updated for Windows 10. What a HUGE improvement!!! The fact that I don't need the dongle to sync, saves me a USB port. It uses the Bluetooth on the computer instead of using the dongle. The old version can only be viewed on full screen or maximized. But the new version can be view in any size window, which is so much easier. Good Job!

chris · 8/23/2015
Can't see any writing

the cute colors are not working. I can't see anything but the fides to fill out. Have no idea what to put where...

Greg · 8/24/2015
Don't install on SD card in Windows phone

I loved FitBit on my Windows Phone 8. It was great. Silly me, I upgraded to Windows Phone 10 preview and inadvertently installed it on SD storage where it crashes. I moved it to phone storage and now it runs great. I'm fat and happy again!

Erick · 8/16/2015

The Windows 10 version of the app is everything I could have hoped for and better. It has everything from native Bluetooth sync without the need of a dongle to the way the app changes when switching from landscape to portrait. A great app and just makes me enjoy Fitbit that much more.

Pamela · 8/14/2015

The app is okay, but the design is so clunky. I like the dashboard on Windows Phone, android and the iPad better because they are more streamlined. Manual sync doesn't work. When I click on it, it still says last synced one hour ago. Thankfully it has the challenges, but if it doesn't sync like it's supposed to the information is rarely up to date.



  • Sync your Fitbit tracker to this app with the wireless sync USB dongle
  • Daily and historical graphs of your step, calorie burn and floor climbing patterns.
  • Feedback on progress against your daily and longer term goals.
  • Weight, Body Fat and BMI trend graphing.
  • Visualization of your nightly sleep patterns.
  • See how you measure up against Fitbit friends and who is the most active.

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Version notes

Live Tiles - New Live tiles. Completely redesigned to show more information, new sizes and multiple notification types! Syncing - Bluetooth syncing is now support on all Windows 10 devices with compatible hardware. Notification Center - Notifications and messaging have been consolidated under a new tab. Cortana - Now available on Windows 10 PC’s, and tablets. Universal Design & Continuum Support - New responsive design. The app now adjusts to provide the best experience for the device that you are using. Supports Windows Continuum feature. Quick Actions - This feature has been redesigned to give you even easier access to all your most used features such as food logging or exercise tracking. Lots more! - Many features have seen updates to their design and functionality.

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