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JAmie · 2/5/2014

How does it fail to find whole wheat or wheat bread???

User · 1/5/2014

Can't find food on it

Gautam · 8/5/2013

It is very difficult to enter the right amount if the nutrition facts are not based on grams e.g. Milk

Paige · 3/26/2013

Not very easy to use

Robert · 3/24/2013

App is a good beginning. However, it lacks the ability to log workout details and calculate calories burned by those details.

lyle · 3/18/2014

Search is broken, "brown rice" failed, limit of 15 chats, food portions are locked to 100g and I can't use a fractional serving so it makes it pretty much useless to actually track my macros. I can't upload, customize or edit macros. A few minor tweaks and this could work, but as of now, it doesn't do what I need.

Amanda · 2/23/2014

Its pretty good, but I definitely think that it needs to have a place to track h2o intake.

Elis · 1/26/2014

A good feature if this app is its detailed nutrition counts and logs, and that it tells you how many grams of each category you have consumed and have left to consume. However, amounts of foods consumed need to be open to manual adjustments by user. Exercise log should be much more expansive as well.

Maurisha · 9/16/2013

It helps me learn how to do new exercises and keeps track of the amount of calories I take in and burn.

User · 9/13/2013

I tried a lot of other apps and this is one of the better ones. Just wish it had better exercise choices.