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Reviewer 6505 · 8/14/2015
amazing but

limited, very creative and addicting, I can not stop working on it. Some big problems when you try to complete a song.1 can not modify length of song. Can not exclude master effects. But still(for the price) is surely the best. Quite stable too.

Nathan · 8/9/2015

I am so tired how you can't turn off the automatic loop setting, the only way to add more measures in a song is to duplicate notes you recorded in the first 4 measures. Also there is no grand piano sample. I want my money back. The best mobile music production app in the world is the one that Xewton makes on the iPhone or iPad. It is a billion times more intuitive and powerful then this program. Music studio by Xewton should win awards, its straight up amazing and puts fl studio to shame.

Zackery · 8/28/2015
great app!

I think that its having some touch calibration issues with windows 10. I use this app a lot. I don't have any problems with it until I go full screen. Then the calibration is thrown WAY off. Once this is fixed, it'll be back to five stars for me :)

jonathan · 8/6/2015
good app but crashes on my pc

i don't like: I use this on my windows tablet and it works fine except sometimes touch calibration gets off and you have to restart the app and on my computer it crashes after a little automation recording it needs mor insturments and sounds i like: it has a nice interface that takes a bit to get used to but when u do it is very easy to use piano and drum pad work fine and you can go in and change individual notes if you want which makes it nice to use i can have 3 different sound effects at once to one instrument with an EQ to change treble midrange and bass the automation editor makes it easy to create music out of your loops it is hard to figure out but once you do its easy to use and it is quick to use and if your not careful u will get lost and make a 30 minute song in what seemed like 2 minutes Overall this is a good music creation app and if it works on your computer u can make some good music worth $10 YES

Guillermo · 8/8/2015
Spend the Money and Buy It!

I've used the desktop version of FL Studio and find it rather overwhelming. I picked up FL Studio Groove and found it immensely intuitive and fun to play with. Don't get me wrong, the desktop version is still one of the best DAW's out there for professionals, however FL Studio Groove on my Dell Venue Pro 8 is awesome because I can make music anywhere and let my creative juices flow! I have mine connected to the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard. If you are a part-time musician like me, this is your starting point. Don't worry, it's packed with many features that will give you plenty of flexibility to do what you what. Tutorials are on Image-Line's website and on YouTube. However DO BE WARNED - you may have too much fun and even get a little headache playing with this app! It's that awesome!

Phil · 8/1/2015
touch is a perfect fit for music production

This app really needs to get audio-tracks-recording, which would make it THE app for simple music production. being able to create loops combining virtual instruments and recorded audio in such a easy manner just has to get realized!

Len · 8/6/2015

Very fun for beginner and moderate music makers, may not be advanced enough for super magical music makers. You can customize all the sounds you want with various frequencies and effects and other music lingo then save them as presets, it's amazing.

Alton · 8/6/2015
sound glitches and windows 10

If this can be fully compatible with Windows 10, then it gets 5 stars. Also there's this glitch to where you pick an instrument and sometimes when you try to record them, it ends up being totally different.

Reviewer 8273 · 8/5/2015
Touch issues on windows 10

The touch calibration seems to be way off in windows 10. If the app is started in full screen and I keep it in full screen I don't seem to have issues. However, if I resize the app, where I touch and where the app registers that touch become way off. This problem then persists even if I go back into full screen; the only fix seems to be restarting the app. I assume / hope this is just a bug that hasn't been fixed yet because windows 10 is so new. Still give the app 4 / 5 stars because it is an amazing tool to quickly and intuitively create some musics. The only thing about the app I don't like is the fact that I cannot import my own samples. I'm still hoping this will be added and I will happily give five stars!

Phillip · 8/10/2015
Not rendering right

I was able to Render a song I made and it was about 3 minutes long, but when I tried to render the other songs I made it would only do 30 seconds. I would give more stars but this problem is frustrating me.



  • Make music, play keyboards and drums, add effects and edit musical sequences.
  • Perform music with touch instruments

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Bugfixes: Sampled instruments sometimes not loading from saved songs "Account" button not disappearing during redering.

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