• Make music, play keyboards and drums, add effects and edit musical sequences.
  • Perform music with touch instruments

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Bugfixes: Sampled instruments sometimes not loading from saved songs "Account" button not disappearing during redering.

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Reviewer 6766 · 7/4/2015
Spend the Money and Buy It!

I've used the desktop version of FL Studio and find it rather overwhelming. I picked up FL Studio Groove and found it immensely intuitive and fun to play with. Don't get me wrong, the desktop version is still one of the best DAW out there for professionals, however FL Studio Groove on my Dell Venue Pro 8 is awesome because I can make music anywhere and let my creative juices flow! I have mine connected to the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard. If you are a part-time musician like me, this is your starting point. Don't worry, it's packed with many features that will give you plenty of flexibility to do what you what. Tutorials are on Image-Line's website and on YouTube. However DO BE WARNED - you may have too much fun and even get a little headache playing with this app! It's that awesome!

Reviewer 9009 · 6/3/2015

It was working fine then all of a sudden it has a lot of bugs some of the filters wont work now some notes wont play and so on also its automatically set to loop at 1 bar or what ever its called which is awful please remove auto loop or make it an option also needs to be able to edit FX after they have been recorded not just live

alan · 11/4/2014
Kinda Crappy

There are vary limited lops and sound to use

Reynaldo · 10/4/2014
Editing tools sucks

I first buy this app and was using it very well, but suddenly they pull it because a card issue with the payment. After that I buy it for 10 bucks just to realize theta the edition tools are crippled. Sucks, I'm very upset and want my money back. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Akash · 9/9/2014
Shame on you Image-Line!

Beware buyers! The editing if notes is crippled in the score mode. One cannot tap to select notes in order to edit/delete/copy or duplicate them. I contacted image line/the app developer thinking that they would help fix the issue but their uneducated unpaid intern replied to my email with the manual to the app rather than offering to fix the app itself! Shame on you thieves!

Reviewer 8711 · 8/31/2014
Having trouble

I keep getting an error code when attempting to download please help!!

Amanda · 6/7/2014

the app glitches a lot and there is no support whatsoever. Only good for making simple loops to export to other programs to actually make a song. Kind of sad really this app has so much potential.

steve · 3/19/2014
Steve E. Fox

Upset, I Think this App Permanently froze on me. All my work is gone!!!!

Eros · 7/11/2015
Its ok.

Needs a little bit more work but it seems ok

John · 4/16/2015
Holy crap

This is fantastic. So much fun. I just spent like an hour on the same song. Once you start playing around, it becomes so obvious an intuitive. Bloody brilliant! Update: It gets even better.

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