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michiel · 1/21/2015

If you switch from an app it doesn't save where you are

James · 11/15/2014

Does not save data half the time and has an awful interface.

Hossein · 9/11/2014

Unfortunately it does not support languages which their written format is right to left! Hope be fixed.

jonathon · 9/5/2014

UI issues. When I quizzed myself using the Spanish cards, the app didn't recognize my answers as correct!

Hamed · 7/17/2014

This is a good designed app but doesn't support Unicode. Please fix it.

Remy · 11/13/2014

This app is good but it lacks the option to move cards around the stack easily, the quiz section only says its right if you give all of the possible answers. Please release an update i like this app but it is so limited

Cameron · 10/30/2014

Great start, just fix the bugs. Swiping between cards is laggy, unless I use the arrow buttons. App closes when trying to return to the deck list screen. Randomly when making a new deck and deleting the info on sole card, that deck becomes "cursed." If you try to review that deck ever again, the app just closes.

Brad · 10/18/2014

For a free app from MS with no adds it is good. I really feel it was a mistake for them to not make it landscape mode by default to fit more text. Also, other reviewers mention sharing flash card sets would be cool. If they made a flashcard pro+ that cost money with more options I would definitely buy it. You listening Microsoft 😁?

Ali · 9/24/2014

Great idea but: 1) It needs an update to support windows phone 8.1. 2) It does not cover the big screen of My Lumia 1520. 3) It does not support other languages (e.g. Persian). 4) add the option for baking up flashcards in OneDrive. Microsoft, please! please! develop some good quality apps to encourage people from other platforms to migrate to WP. While some of your own apps suck, how do you expect other people give up other platform (i.e. iOS and Android) with tens of thousands of good quality apps and come to WP!?

Patrick · 9/3/2014

Pretty useful and fun to play with, but has a critical bug that crashes EACH TIME you would press the back button.


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