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Robert · 6/30/2014
Best I've found, some feature requests

Paid ad free version on the table for development? I'd be in, especially if some extra features were added, like: ability to face photos and invite them to your groups, ability to comment on photos

Micheal · 6/19/2014
Navigation is horrible!

This is a confusing mess. Why do you have to exit the app to login? Dumbest thing I have ever seen. Nothing makes any sense! When I am looking at my photostream and I select a tag it shows me EVERYTHING with that tag. Not just my pictures, but everything it can find. That is stupid.

Patrick · 3/16/2014
Good start

This is a very solid Flickr app. One thing that I think is missing from the app, that could be helpful, is the Exif data of the photos that are up. It would also be nice if the Tile was a Live Tile and we could chose which photos the Tile showed us (i.e. our contacts recent updates, our recent updates, or maybe just random photos).

William · 3/14/2014
it's a start

I really want this to be more about the photos and less about the app - the background is distracting from the imagery, and I can't seem to get into a slideshow mode that only shows me photos. I do like other aspects of it (map explorer, etc), but it would be great if it allowed me to really focus on the photos.

Alexander · 1/21/2014
It's a start...

Kind of slow, doesn't show all my photos, and doesn't appear to have a way to access my sets/collections (if it does, can't find it).

Jose Carlos · 1/18/2014
The best Flickr option around

This is by far the best app for Flickr right now. Since Win 8.1 removed compatibility with Flickr in the Photos app, Flickrology is the option to choose. I'm very pleased with the app.

Reviewer 1736 · 5/15/2015
nice pics

nice high quality pics

Nick · 7/30/2014
Not intuitive, poor tips

All I want to do is upload a photo. The "tips" are generic tips not specific to this app, like "swipe up to reveal charms." There is no upload button that I can see on any page or screen or menu, and I am known amongst my friends as being very intuitive with new software programs. I just spent twenty minutes trying to find an upload function and am now settling for "uninstall."

TakWAI · 9/16/2014
Nice UI, Best Flickr app for Window RT

Only request is when viewing the photo by clicking, the size is too small. How to view the full actual size and seems like there is always 2clicks to view photos. Should be just a click. The developer listens to feedback and work on the app improvement. Latest update (Sept 2014) with improved navigation and able to view photo by 1-click and filled up the screen is amazing. Great improvement.



  • Beautiful panorama-based app
  • Pagination and incremental loading support
  • Search support, inside and outside of the app: photos, groups and users
  • Charts for data analysis
  • Pin content to start screen
  • Live tile with custom photo sources
  • Maps supported by Bing Maps
  • Shortcut management
  • Organize (like Flickr)
  • Manage all Flickr content (photos, galleries, photosets, groups, discussion topics, etc.)
  • Image and video support
  • Save photo to local storage and OneDrive
  • Upload to photostream, group and photoset
  • Share support (upload from another app)
  • Photo editor
  • Page transitions
  • Unauthenticated mode
  • Language support
  • Support for HTML content
  • Notifications

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Version notes

UPDATED: 1 - Map smart zoom 2 - Flickrology loading logo 3 - Photo galleries in photo page 4 - Set photoset cover photo 5 - Navigation controls in photo page (related to author's photostream) 6 - German support 7 - Performance tweaks and bug fixing

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