• airline flight status and tracking
  • airport delays
  • nearby flights currently overhead
  • general aviation tail number tracking
  • flight alerts

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- Update Bing Maps license key

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Julian · 7/30/2015
Handy App

I find the app useful, but I find the listing of past and future flights confusing if I haven't used it for a while. Today's flight should be presented first.

Mark · 7/18/2015
Really Awful

Constantly crashes when either trying to view a flight on the map or entering an airport code. It needs a lot of work and updated for Win 10.

Rik · 6/29/2015
Basically, it's terrible

It's a very basic app with very few options, yet it has trouble doing anything but showing "flights nearby". I'm on VPN so I could appear to be "nearby" a lot of places. This is complete useless. The website version is ok but this Windows app is really bad.

Lorenzo · 7/30/2015

Nice app, wish I could pin live tiles for flights I want to track. Never received push notifications for flight departure or arrivals that I signed up for.

Carl · 6/27/2015
FlightAware App has issues

When using FlightAware, I click on an aircraft identification number to see more info, where it originated, where it is going, and the window closes up completely then I have to reopen, and start over, and it does the same thing over and over. If this is the way it works now, I will delete this App. Used to work good, but not any more.

Reviewer 0592 · 6/17/2015
Couldn't make it work

Only displays a map of nearby flights. Try to track a flight; nothing happens. Link to My Airports/My alerts? Crashes. Main screen looks nothing like on Store, missing buttons. Another broken app.

Reviewer 4525 · 6/8/2015

I love this program, but it simply crashes for me when I try and look at 'My Aircraft' or 'My Alerts' (that I have set up from my account on the website, because I can't use those functions on the app). Could be my minimal hardware causing a problem, but I have no way of knowing.

Reviewer 2300 · 7/12/2015

Should be alerted that this app doesn't work on Windows 8 platforms. Probably good if you have an iPhone but otherwise a waste of space. Deleted after failure to perform and repeated crashes. Need a less than 1 star rating.

christopher · 8/1/2015
Useless for Windows 10

Crashes constantly or, it simply hangs. Forgettable.

david · 4/2/2015

Bad. Downloaded to follow a friends flight from Milwaukee to Dallas. App showed it arrived on time but it was 35 mins late which airport site showed. So one try and failed. Uninstalling. Find something else folks.

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