• Planes moving in real-time
  • Comprehensive information for each individual plane, including route, speed, altitude and more
  • Easy to search for a specific flight or airport
  • Flight trails and callsigns directly on map
  • Live tile with social updates
  • Augmented Reality View (requires sensors)
  • Pin flights and airports to your start screen
  • Airport arrivals and departures

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NEW IN 3.0.2 • Fixed - Failing to save settings causing app to start w defaults • Fixed - Tap on photos doesn't open fullsize photo NEW IN 3.0 • Improved performance • Toggle data sources like FAA, FLARM, ADS-B in settings • Updated model graphics - Improved quality and more models • Choose to use local or UTC time on Airports • Choose to display temperatures in C or F • Airport markers and aircraft labels are hidden at low zoom levels • Pinned aircraft now with photo where available • Favorites removed in favor or improved pinning

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Reviewer 1280 · 5/23/2015
Company logos

It will be nice if you can incorporated the company logos on the map , like on the ipad one. thanks in advance.

Reviewer 5025 · 6/28/2015
Waste of time

Keeps reducing to task bar. Unable to find flights. Won't track flights. Waste of time ...

radni · 6/1/2013

In zoom while follow air plain, has problem !

Reviewer 7080 · 5/12/2015

On new PC with Win8.1 cannot get app to show cockpit even after download of google earth. Otherwise very nice and informative.

Rodney · 2/4/2015
Was great, now it's crap!

I agree with mark, the poster before me. everything he said is accurate. the app used to be great, now it does nothing. it sucks because not only did I pay for the app, but also paid for the extra aircraft models. i'm starting to think that most of these app companies are fly by night companies who just seem to disappear after they've made enough money off ppl. I curse you flightradar. you were my favorite app, now you're just a memory and a waste of a few dollars. thanks for being useless!

Robert · 7/20/2014
Had to remove.

Dell running windows 8. Fun to play with, but 27 warning messages in 4 days, "Background Task Host Stopped Working." Removed it, no more failures.

Francisco · 3/19/2014

planes disappear and appear, very intermittent

Burt · 12/16/2013
Worked one day then who knows

Goes back to start screen when you click a flight. Coming from the app store and playstore this is pathetic

Rogers · 9/25/2013
excellent app

excellent app, showing all airplanes on a particular region.. could be improved by searching an airplane by multiple details

Reviewer 4280 · 6/5/2013
Not anywhere near as good on Windows 8 as on iPad

I'm disappointed because the Windows 8 version of the app doesn't really work. I get fewer planes, and when I try to pull up info the plane info it's so huge on the screen that a fourth of it is below the screen, and not visible. Nor can you scroll it. You need to rework the windows 8 version. I'm sorry I paid for it!

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