• All your news, interests and social updates in one personalized magazine.
  • Save stories you love into your own magazine. Use the "+" button on any item, select "create a magazine" and collect favorite stories, images or videos.
  • Search for anything—people, topics, hashtags, blogs, your favorite sites—and flip through the results in a beautiful magazine format.
  • Connect Flipboard to up to 12 social networks, streamlining your reading and activities like commenting, liking and sharing. Services include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more.
  • Read Cover Stories for a quick check on what's happening now. Cover Stories is created just for you and is filled with popular items from everything you've added to your Flipboard.
  • Enjoy Flipboard in 18 localized editions: for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, US and UK.
  • Explore hundreds of staff picks using "Discover" at the top, including must-read magazines and blogs, gorgeous photography and special curated sections devoted to the day's news and other interests.
  • Access Flipboard quickly by adding Flipboard as a live tile on your Windows Start screen.

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Kraig · 7/28/2015
Constant Progression Forward

The new UI has grown on me. At first I was annoyed that it jumped straight into articles. But considering Cover Stories was almost always the first 'magazine' I went to, I don't mind it one bit anymore. Another thing that used to bug me was the lack of flipping. Again, the new UI seems to be the best way. For the article view it is a scroll, making going through articles a MUCH easier process, especially if you have a lot of sources. However, flipping IS still there. Not ever source has it, but the majority of them, have flipping when reading the article. It's a nice compromise and after using the new UI for a while I feel as though it is the best way for it to be done. Excellent job devs, you have convinced me that this is in fact the UI that Flipboard should have!

Pedro · 7/23/2015

Beautiful, nice, and easy to use! I totally replaced the worthless Engadget app for this one. Would be nice if they got read of that awkward scrolling one page at a time.

Surendran · 7/28/2015

Had used it for many years. Simple and easy. Never did any stupid updates!

Dave Barbara · 7/30/2015
Love It

Flip Board is the easiest app to review any topic your interested in. Great app

Reviewer 4316 · 7/5/2015
Hmmm. YouTube Integration slow and sloppy

I guess this almost sums up my whole experience with FlipBoard. There's no easy/intuitive way to organize and focus in on one's content. I'm bombarded with big pages which I have to scroll all the way through to see if anything is interesting, or content I want to watch/read. I'm on the go with my tablet, on a metered connection, and I don't have lots of time to flip around to find something interesting. So, there should be some front-side portal that allows the user to organize stuff in a way to easily focus on things. Like YouTube.. Give me an easy way to see all my subscriptions, etc. I just don't have time to flip through lots of stuff to see if it's something I want to see/read

Reviewer 1806 · 7/2/2015
Pretty good. Needs teaks.

It's better than the MSN news app. I wish the title lettering on the news articles were more legible. You can't read the words because of they overlay the article picture and are white font. Also they need to ditch the Pro Football Talk tweets. There's no content besides a very short intro to article you can't access from Flipboard. Completely worthless

Ajith · 7/2/2015

New update brings runs smoother and looks bit categorized..but please bring back lock screen appearance of the main content.. It was beautiful.

Korhan · 7/9/2015

Dark background option and reading mode, please :)

Mirza · 7/24/2015

The best app so far to read whatever you want on your favourite niche

Teodor · 7/22/2015

This app is the most used one on my phone. Not because there are no other interesting/good apps on the store, but simply because it is reusable, always up to date, and because it is running flawlessly. 5 stars, this is a must have for everyone.

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