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- Image Search - Now find fashion products using just a photo! - Like a lifestyle product on Flipkart? - You can now find similar looking product with just a single tap. - Bug fixes and improvements Happy Shopping! Talk to us at

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biramani · 7/28/2015

The app is great with features but it performs poorly even with 3g. Network management is bad.

Siladitya · 7/25/2015

Sell products & make money. Its all right. But u collecting too much personal info of sensitive nature when flipkart app is installed. U access the users Device & App History, Location, data about other accounts on my device, profile data, Contacts in users phone.... U want to know all most all info stored in the cellphone and u can access most of the activities done in it. Users can't use ur app if they do accept these. But it shouldn't be like this. Pls give users the option to choose what flipkart can access on their phone. Even if an user denies u from accessing these information, the user should be allowed to use your app. Because u really need not have to have all these info to sell products. U r providing excellent service but don't take advantage. Its so unfair. And kindly give back your loyal customers their right to choose between flipkart app and flipkart website - on their cellphones. It's these customers who made u so successful. Give their right back to them.

vikas · 7/29/2015

It's so easy to shop and view where our item is.

Praveen · 7/25/2015

Could be much better... But nice app easy to shop

Sangram · 7/12/2015

Try to add a compare button/option otherwise everything's okay. Also internet banking does not seem to work the link redirection gives an error in windows phone

Pushparaj · 7/11/2015

Everything is awesome... Everything one place, good on time delivery and all except putting 200% of prive for an item and giving it 100% offer and selling it.. I accept everyone wants to earn money.. But not as I said.. If you r getting 100 rupees gain and make it as 80 rupees so that the traffic coming to flipkart will get increases I hope..

I · 6/30/2015

After last update the App has become useless. It's taking ages even to launch the App n even it manages to open there is no certainty that home page will all open! That's why now a days I am forced to use your website more often. By the way I am with AirTel 3G. So network speed is not an issue.

Nimit · 7/16/2015

Loading time could improve a bit but its still a fantastic app

charls · 7/15/2015

It's good... Easy to look through the online shop

Vamshi · 7/11/2015

Although it more user interface, deserves 5* rating.