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MARC · 7/29/2015

Very poor. Boarding passes do not indicate tsa precheck.

Brandon · 7/27/2015

Yay we got boarding passes!

Chad · 7/15/2015

Not allowing me to checkin. Maybe because my flight is in 2.5 hours? It doesn't show the option nor my boarding passes.

Ilias · 7/25/2015
Please FIX IT.

Can't: Check in. Pick my seat See TSA status on boarding pass.

Kevin · 7/17/2015
E-boatding is working again

Thank Delta for fixing the e-boarding. This has not been working the pass few flight.

Michael · 7/19/2015

Really wish Delta would upgrade the app to have feature parody with other platforms. Disappointed...

Steve · 7/1/2015

Overall not a bad app, but I can't trust it to connect when I need it. A quarter of the time I have to go to Delta's mobile website to log in and get my boarding pass since the app simply won't connect. I use my same account and password on the website and no problem. It's just the app that has problems. Fun how my wife's Android version works all the time with full functionality while the Windows Phone version is hit or miss with check in and e-boarding pass. I just love it when the Windows Phone app says there is no e-boarding pass available and I must see a Delta agent and then maybe wife gets her e-boarding pass with no problems and the emails or texts me mine. Thanks, Delta, for doing such a bad job with the Windows Phone version of this app. Makes me want to fly Southwest.

Tony · 7/10/2015

Tho app is pretty much useless. I can't get a electronic boarding pass on my windows phone but can with my iPhone. It needs work.

Matt · 7/11/2015

It's pretty good. But the WP boarding pass doesn't show TSA precheck status.

Stephen · 6/26/2015

App is useless. No profile management. Boarding Pass does not show Precheck status. Getting BP does not always work. Cannot manage seat through app. Bottom line the Android app for Delta is far Far far more useful. Disappointing.