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User · 5/22/2015

App has problems loading

Jay · 11/10/2014

Very slow updating 'stats'. Now two days after wk10 and stats are 3weeks behind... At least!

Angelo · 9/22/2014

Nokia Windows 8.1 Phone... Won't display scores... Keep on getting an error message.

Bill · 9/21/2014

This app used to work great, but now doesn't work at all. Time to delete it.

Jessie · 9/9/2014

Poor design and app ability. Really is lacking

User · 9/8/2014

It always has an error message, not good!

George · 8/30/2014

Keeps on popping out error messages and the news is just a bunch of repeating stories.

Corby · 8/5/2014

Dolphins old logo, some of the news is about a week outdated, 3 tiles that essentially do the same thing(set your "fave")... Not very good.

carl · 2/27/2015

I gave you a 4 now because I like the format and the wallpaper ads to the manly effect, with respects to the lady fb fans. However, it fails to load in some parts, may be my phone! I'll come back tomorrow(hint,hint) to rate either better or worse.

User · 10/20/2014

I'm 57, Female and I Love my app, I work 12 to 14 hours a day and I can check on my Cowboys anytime. Thanks. For an Awesome App.