• Integrates perfectly with the Windows 8 user experience, especially for users with touch-screens
  • Adjust brush size, softness, and intensity with a simple, easy to use interface
  • Enter Full-Screen mode to hide the toolbars and focus entirely on editing your image, easily recover the toolbars with a swipe of your finger or click of the mouse
  • Adjust the brightness, sharpness, and saturation of the colored parts of your photo!
  • When you add color to your black and white photo, you can now restore the original color with an added filter!
  • Combine simplicity with functionality, achieving big results with only a little effort

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Version Notes

What's new: 1. Color Splash Studio now has an integrated album feature in the form of a folder specifically for saving Color Splash photos, and provides easy accessibility to these photos right from the home screen. 2. If you want to take some time to get used to the Color Splash work flow before diving in with your own photos, you can now try your hand at the included sample photos!

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Reviewer 0622 · 6/23/2015
Not the target.. But can improve. (READ)

This isn't really the type I was looking for; I was looking for one that can change the colors of a specific area, using a brush, and one that can zoom all the way in to the very pixels. Don't get me wrong- I like the app, but it could have a few additional touches to the features, and also would definitely need a tutorial or a few hints involving each tool, just for those who can't really learn so easily and end up with a black and white photo instead. I love the app, but it could have q but of improvement, if the developers add some effort into this in the next update, or if they even read their users' ratings and suggestions. Thanks for letting me try this app, it was a good touch, adding the softness and intensity. You should rename the intensity to transparency, add a color changer feature and a nice feature that allows us to zoom into the pixels to edit directly. Amazing app for those who choose to have a single object only, and I recommend this app to anyone interested. Thanks!!

rhya · 9/12/2013


Jalen · 5/10/2013
Really hard to use

I know what the circle is for, but what is the dotted circle? And what is intensity?

ALLEN · 4/25/2013
If I say NO why does it still?

I say NO to save and it still does? Why ask? I didn't want it to save. I didn't want copies of that on my device. Please fix.

Chris · 4/4/2013
Looks cool but doesn't work on Surface Pro

As mentioned in other reviews it glitches. Fotor is a great app so I'm sure this will be as well once this issue is fixed.

Cathica · 7/25/2014
OK app for free

This is a fair photo app. Does basic stuff fairly well. It seems to have problems with saving edits to a photo. Have had to edit same photo up to four times before app would save changes. This was with simple edits such as rotating the photo, nothing complex. Have been afraid to use it for more than basic stuff because I have not had time to do time consuming edits several times.

M · 5/28/2014
ARGH! I give up w/ Apps and windows 8.1

no instruction, no color palette to find,curser size doesn't get small enough, as you can tell by the examples above they do not show you the page that has the tools and only shows finished pictures. the working page u can select a photo from your library easily,you can change the size of cursor, the intensity of the one color given(no matter what I press I can not change it), select the size of the eraser of your color (it's a capsule icon???) you can change the brightness/softness of the one color, there is a reversal arrow and reapply arrow, unfortunately windows 8 on a laptop/pc you can not change the size of the window only move to left or right MS,(nothing new there=a touch "ap" and OS with a non touch pc/lt=LOL) an arrow down brings up those items w/ a few others I can't see a change, a save option no "save as" or save it to totally to replace the photo you began with you, have to give it a new name or try and copy the old name before u save, emails to contact company, no "help"

Carolina · 9/30/2013

Easy to use. I finally found a good app for foot retouch color

ashanti · 4/21/2013

its not working! every time I click it, it sends me back to my settings screen. really wish it would have worked. seemed cool

Clayton · 4/20/2013
pretty good

works well within its scope but it would be nice to have labels for when you hover over a menu item and for some more standard keyboard shortcuts to be implemented. Example: ctrl + z is a pretty standard shortcut for undo and yet, even though the app has an undo button, the keyboard shortcut doesn't work. It seems pretty easy to add that since the functionality is already there.

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