• Access to on-line book catalogs (Feedbooks, Smashwords, Gutenberg, Manybooks, Ebooksgratuits, ... ) plus SkyDrive and DropBox
  • Can work with the Calibre ebook library manager
  • Includes dyslexic-friendly settings (and the the OpenDyslexic font), to assist reading for dyslexia sufferers
  • Bookmarks, highlighting and annotations
  • Many options for cutomising text appearance and layout

Additional information

Version Notes

Update 3.7 fixes various bugs and adds - Reading aloud - Customisable book cover image Freda is still being actively developed; we're working now on features for the social reading experience (e.g. sharing book lists, reviews and annotations), plus improved page layout and rendering (of images, notably). If you have any problems with the app, or you have any suggestions for new features, please contact us at freda@turnipsoft.co.uk .

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Reviewer 6835 · 7/10/2015
For my needs, one of the best book readers

It is easily between iBooks and Freda as the two best book readers out there. I knock iBooks due to its inability to natively interface with anything other than the iBooks store (yeah, you can side load books, but it is a PITA). Freda, well , it is only available on Windows. Were it available on iOS, there would be no question as to which book reader I would be using all of the time.

Valter · 7/28/2015

Best reader for WP. Installed it before and forgot why I.disliked it. But installed again and lo! The thing runs fine I read a ton of books while other readers can't even open your book this actually work and do it well. Don't mess with others. Get this.

Joseph · 6/28/2015

The only thing I wish I could do is organize my library into folders, (is author/series,etc.

Derik · 7/27/2015

Quite well. Simple but does the job good

Dan · 5/27/2015

Fantastic eBook reader with easy access to public domain sources.

Gene · 7/20/2015

Works perfectly. Have uses it nine months without any problems. I love that it's so easy to adjust screen, type face, and touch/swipe options, and to search text.

Kristopher · 6/19/2015

So grateful for this reader that can handle multiple formats, customize text, and simple to import into.

António · 7/20/2015

Good Reader but misses Portuguese literature. 😉

Connor · 7/27/2015

Excellent reader! I use it for all my epubs:)

Aaron · 5/14/2015

Great app a little slow sometimes but otherwise great

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