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Fix - App used to forget login information when connection wasn't available Fix - SMS get send to incorrect number

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charlene · 7/2/2015

I am unable to remember my info and there is no way to retrieve it. Ugh... Not very helpful

Christopher · 7/17/2015

Still getting server not found. Can't log in...has been a good app but causing issues now, can't use.

Scott · 5/19/2015

I really like that I can make calls from my Google Voice number, but I'd like to receive text messages as well.

Forrest · 6/14/2015

App seems to be working well with making and receiving phone calls. Seems to be the only one to work with GV on the Windows Phone platform. All others stopped working when Google made changes last year. Haven't tried the notifications piece yet but for me it isn't that big of a deal. Thank you for this app.

Patrick · 4/28/2015

Often my phone would wake up and would hang on the resuming message. Sometimes I could power off sometimes I had to pull the battery. Issue disappeared after uninstalling this app. My device is a Nokia Lumia just out of the box. UPDATE FOR 2014.... App appears to be blocked by Google at this time along with most other WP google voice apps. UPDATE APRIL 2015 App has some issues but works much better now. Although not the only ad supported app I have used, this app eats data like nothing I have ever seen. Keep an eye on your data usage when on your carriers network!!!

Parag · 8/3/2015

Can't log in - server not found error, uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same error.

sindy · 4/24/2015

Works very well. Checks instantly! I have free version, but if u pay you can get notifications on messages. Great either way!

Maetrice · 6/8/2015

All of a sudden, I can't login to this app. It worked fine for a few days and now nothing. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled... Nothing.

Alan · 6/9/2015

Update: Getting "Not Found" message when signing in. Support info still indicates v3.3 is current version but app list shows v3.4 is installed. This app works perfectly. Google will prevent this app (and others) from accessing your account unless you change a Google security setting to allow "less secure" apps ( Now I can listen to my Google voice messages and even make calls via my Google voice number all from my Windows phone.

Alex · 4/18/2015

Nice,.. but text messages get sent to wrong number (number of last incoming message) instead of one you just entered (bug which apparently should been fixed). Even paid version does not allow push notifications. At this moment it is just a reader of your GOOGLE Voice account).