• Google voice client
  • Free SMS
  • Live tiles
  • Push notifications
  • Cheap international calls

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Initial version - Consider as public beta.

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Jackson · 8/10/2013

Best voice I have ever heard of

Jasmine · 6/4/2013
Love it!!!

Its a great app I love it. You should totally get it!!!

darwin · 3/13/2013

text message works but the call function is useless

Christopher · 12/31/2012

Cannot delete messages. Gives an object error.

Brian · 11/10/2012
Works well

Nice interface

Bryan · 10/24/2013
Simple and just ok

Appreciate the app for free access to Google Voice. Interface is extremely simple and could use more features such as: 1) Open to specific folder 2) Ability to change colors. 3) Ability to pin folders to start menu. 4) Honest disclosure of limitations in app description and what isn't available in the free version. Otherwise it is useful to access voicemail and text from desktop. Thanks

Aaron · 8/28/2013
Poor programming at its worst

I opened the application and logged in. That part went fine, but everything after that was a mess. I was confronted with an unlabeled drop-down box that didn't have any items in it, a play button that generates two errors (object reference not set to instance of object and bad gateway), a disabled send button and message box with a plea for me to upgrade above it. I'd love to tell you how the program works, but can't because of bad programming (I'm a programmer, I know it when I see it).

Derrick · 8/25/2013
Completely useless if you have headphones and a mi

It doesn't even have the option of allowing me to pick what outputs I want, thus I hear nothing out of my head phones when making a call. There is one other that utilizes google voice, but it costs 1.99. Sorry, till Talkatone ports their app from Apple over to Microsoft, I guess expecting any worthwhile google voice app is just not going to happen. This app's been around quite some time now, and if they haven't done anything to make it useful, they're probably not going too.

Dinidu · 6/1/2013
Crashes every time.

Upon any attempt to log in, the app crashes back to the Start screen. I really only wanted to check my voicemail and text messages. If this app worked, I would consider purchasing it.

Tecnicaso · 5/15/2013
Open Google voice nor Gmail in browser then works

Everything works just fine but to make phone calls you need to have the browser open in the Gmail or Google Voice web page, then within the Free Talk App you can start making calls. I think this happens because when you open the Gmail webpage the browser automatically opens the Google Voice plugin. We must find a way to open the Google voice plugin in the background, then It won't be necessary to have a browser open...

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