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Joshua · 8/9/2015

this app is completely amazing. Completely exceeds my expectations sometimes I just play around with it. Do you think you could sent my the source code. I'm a pretty good programmer I would like to see how it works!

Susan · 2/21/2015

It does not allow entering pointes to plot a graph. Totally worthless

Michael · 6/30/2013
want to compare 2 graphs? FORGETABOUTIT!


Iqaan · 12/6/2012
App is "Okay"

Didn't like it

Erik Norman · 4/1/2015
Top, please add white theme

Nice app, very handy and intuitive. Only a white theme is missing. If that would be added, absolutely 5 stars!

Richard · 11/10/2014
Very Nice App!

Easy to use with a good interface

Michael · 10/1/2014
Very good app

This app is very well written and preforms most all functions I have so far encountered in my college Algebra courses. Unlike the "Blu" app I have never got to run on two different machines. As it is written by one person (I assume by the notes) it is very impressive. 2 items I have encountered that need to be addressed. It does not show the proper graph of an odd negative root and I haven't found a way to make greatest integer function graphs. Other than that I highly recommend it.

zohaib · 9/7/2014
awesome aap

its very useful. provides a lot of simple and complex operations and 3d plotting is amazing

Nguyen · 4/4/2014

This app is so great to me!!. It provides a lot of functions as well as options, from the simplest to complex ones which are very useful and convenience for learning algebra and calculus. Really highly recommend :). By the way, how to insert the formula of a circle, it contains variable y??

Icy · 2/23/2014
Almost perfect

The app its great, more the developers should put as much effort as you did with this one. Though there is only one thing I would love to have, to graph equations directly for example 2x-3y+1>=0. Aside from that is perfect.



  • Plot graphs with a lot of options
  • Curve Sketching
  • Calculation of integral
  • Different function types
  • Copying of the graph into the clipboard

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Version notes

New in version 2.0.1: - Bug fix for symbolic derivatives New in version 2.0.0: - Switch to plattform of Windows 8.1 - Drawing of up to three functions - Improved additional keyboard - Five new function types - New functions for erf, erfc, min, max, avg, sum, normalpdf, normalcdf, iif - Support for degree and gradian - Piecewise defined functions - Individual value lists - User defined functions and constants - Copying of the graph into the clipboard - Much more...

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