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Vlatko · 8/5/2015

I really find this app quite convenient. while it does need updates for some basic functionality, like feed list backup or export/import, some feed discovery bugs ironed out, and a better auto-update mechanism that would not require me to check my very busy feed before its delivery limits runs out, its purpose based capabilities r more than just great, they r possibly the best among feed reading apps. I just love how I can download the rest of an incomplete feed, featured through an almost impeccable rendering engine, without resorting to a browser, how feeds r backed up once downloaded, ofc, dark reading mode, existence of three different feed viewing modes, satisfying wide ranges of user preferences, and in general, the professional look and feel of it all. the app just works fine! I hope the developer will eventually decide to revisit it and make those self-serving updates.

Brian T · 8/18/2015

Love the app...would love to see a windows 10 version...

Derek · 7/15/2015

Manually adding feeds is working again but it still hasn't been updated in well over a year.

. Kash · 5/3/2014

Desperately needs feedly or alternative service integration, app has been abandoned since google reader was decommissioned

Victor · 1/4/2013

After update can not use anymore

Naren · 12/25/2012

Free version resets the feeds and customizations unless you buy. Well, not my cup of tea.

Vicious · 6/4/2015

The fastest and most readable rendering system for pages, makes the other top news apps look ancient. Bit the layout..never liked the ribbon and tiny squares, if this app gets a basic folder tree layout and wide titles/large images similar to the others ill keep it (although I did request this when the app was launched). The reason I cannot use this app daily is its too hard on the eyes due to the above. If nextgen or one of the others manages similar page rendering ill be ditching this app totally. Also the fluid animations of the older version appear to be broken now, very slideshow atm (especially noticeable on the squares layout).

Logan · 6/25/2014

Best replacement after Pulse got removed. I personally don't care for Feedly, so you can give them the option but not remove what you already have. What it really needs is a backup feature, re-adding feeds takes do long.

William · 6/17/2014

Love Fuse and have used it over several Windows Phones. Badly needs a way to back up feeds, feedly support etc.

Emilio · 8/26/2013

I've been using fuse pro for years. Its the best reader app on WP. I'm dropping my rating for three reasons. 1) with google reader support gone, there should be either a way to import feeds from opml or feedly and/or SkyDrive backup of feeds to the cloud. 2) The 'no internet' connection popups are overkill when I'm in a basement or the subway. I don't need to know every time I load an article that there is no connection. 3) Offline mode is great - but images are not cached. I understand that caching images may be intense, but it would be a great feature to lord over the other WP readers. I'm still sticking with fuse - but hope these problems get fixed.


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