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Robert · 8/28/2015

Indispensible. I keep my most visited stations on live tiles, easy to keep up with price changes.

Chris · 8/23/2015

No longer works with ATT data connection (my other apps do), Wi-Fi connection works fine but that's not when I need it. Looked around within app for link/address to notify builder and haven't found anything yet. **Still can't save favorite stations**

Shai · 8/22/2015
Money saver

I can't remember how many times this app saved me money. It gives me a warning of a coming price increase, and few miles out of the wat saves me easily $10-15. Highly recommended!

Patrick · 8/29/2015

Easy to find good prices for gas close by. Does what it's meant to do.

Craig · 8/15/2015

So far so good! Doesn't show all reported stations until you zoom in, then it shows lower priced stations. Nice and useful app!

Michael · 8/18/2015

Absolutely LOVE this app. This is one of, if not the most useful app. on my phone. Petrol prices are current. Actually have never found a price to be wrong. The map feature is helpful in determining which station that will get my business. Because, when traveling there will be a lesser priced station too far away from my location or destination. I love this app. Thank you.

Pat · 8/11/2015

This is Awesome!! I certainly don't mind traveling to get the BEST/LOWEST PRICE!! **10**

David · 8/3/2015
Don't be Fuelish! Use this App!!

I have used this app almost every day for over three years to report gas prices. It has saved me many dollars, being able to locate the least expensive gas that is closest to my location. The user support is fantastic and helps to show us the most current prices!

Anthony · 8/19/2015

Great app! Must have this app of your looking for a way to save money on gas ⛽.

Don · 8/22/2015

I have a lot not very useful apps, but this is not one of them! I used to drive every-which-way just to save a few pennies on gas, wasting gas in the process. But now I'm efficiently cheap!


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