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Reviewer 6465 · 4/6/2015
GDrive Pro

Does not seem to show all of my stored folders?

Amy · 6/16/2014
sort fail

no matter what option i choose for sorting, it sorts by last modified. please fix!

Rob · 3/24/2014
Good App......

This app has performed great but for some reason whenever I upload a file from my tablet is does not show up as the same format. I have no idea what is going on lately but it needs to get fixed.

Chris · 4/29/2015
Great when it works

Loved it, but now it refuses to start the app and crashes upon launch edit: 5 weeks later found that disabling wifi enabled me to start the app, re-signin, and works again as normal. Still not as an stable but works for what I need it for

Reid · 1/25/2015
Good except for sharing docx

If you try to share a doc, all the other person gets is a half dozen xml and no text.

Ian · 11/10/2014
Pretty Fantastic

I use this on my Laptop and it helps me concentrate on my work much more than something in a browser. The only problem I have with it is that when I saved a document and later loaded it the spacing was very messed up. I don't know if it is caused by Libre Office or GDrive's syncing, though it looked fine in browser.

Ross · 7/23/2014
Local Changes are Not Syncing

You have received a 1 star rating only because a 0 star rating is not available. After opening a file, making changes, saving it, and then clicking the Sync Local Changes button within the application, my changes are not being synced. The first time this happened I had to redo the hours of work I had already previously done. The second time, I copied and pasted my changes into a separate file just in case the changes did not sync. When I reopened the file, the changes were not there. If this application is not going to work, then there is no need to continue its use and I am inclined to request a refund of the purchase price as the product seems to be defective.

Robert · 5/25/2014
New worksheets don't sync

Worksheets I add to a workbook in Excel do not sync to the Drive service. I just lost hours and hours of work on a new sheet I hadn't synced since beginning it and through subsequent experimentation discovered that this was why. Please fix! And is there any way to recover such a thing? Cached documents or something? Excel doesn't have it in the recovery list. Acck!

Daniel · 3/13/2014
Love it.

Bought the surface with the hope of integrating office with Google drive. The native Google app is horrible. Thank you for making this. Well worth the $4

Bob · 3/9/2014

I just got the day trial to edit files and folders and it does not make sense to me. I see fewer options to work in Google Drive, not more, than prior to my free trial. I see no value to me today. I is not user friendly. Bob Thomas



  • Manage multiple Google accounts
  • Edit and save documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files.
  • Share photos and documents with friends and family
  • Star your files
  • Create new folders
  • Organize your files into folders
  • File Comments
  • Invite your friends to view, edit your files in Google Drive
  • Change File Permissions
  • Search your files across multiple accounts
  • Upload files into Google Drive from other apps with Share Charms
  • Background Audio file streaming from Google Drive
  • Background Upload / Download
  • Supports Windows 8 File Open Contracts.
  • Built-in Image Viewer for Slideshow

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