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User · 6/27/2015

Helpful, handy, easy to use for multitude of purposes!

User · 6/3/2013

Doesn't work....

Kiernon · 3/16/2013

Geolocation doesn't work. It always thinks I'm in Virginia...

User · 3/5/2013

Doesn't work because it thinks I'm in Maryland when I'm in Illinois. Yes, I have location services on.

Kenneth · 9/26/2014

Good concept bad execution. Needs a search location feature. Like waze developer needs to add Google places, foursquare places etc. If so it will be fully functional, till then is just a try...

Chris · 6/27/2013

Would love for this app to be able to send a text or something when the task is triggered. Would enable ifttt usage.

JM · 4/25/2013

Weak app, specially the location part. You can't keep your favorite locations and quickly add a new task when arriving there, nor program the notification a few minutes after arriving. The equivalente app for iPhone is far superior. Its a pity. I value the work of the developer though :-) thanks!

Ruurd · 3/16/2013

Good, but I do not understand why it won't let me save often used locations (work, stores, home) so i don't have to mark them on the map each time. This makes the app too cumbersome to use.

Justin · 3/16/2013

I'll give you 5 stars when you add an audible alarm to go with the visual reminder. :-)

User · 3/15/2013

I can't figure out how to add locations other than where I currently am, which makes the app less than useful


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