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New in ver. 3.4: • Manage your GeoGPS settings in profiles • Reorganized settings page • Download map tiles along routes and tracks for off-line use • Anchor watch • Man-over-board (MOB) button & MOB navigation • New option: quit navigation on arrival at destination • Extended GPS-Intervals at 10 and 60 min • Fixed some minor bugs

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Dan · 1/27/2015


Antonio · 4/15/2014


Michel · 9/8/2013

The trial version is so crippled (limited set of maps, no topo, etc) that I couldn't decide whether the app is a good fit for me. So I didn't buy. Uninstall.

josh · 3/20/2015

I use this with the noaa charts every time I go out on my boat. It is super accurate and keeps me far from danger. I have to reset it sometimes if trolling because it will not update but its real easy. Overall a great fishermans companion app.

Bill · 6/18/2015

Great navigation app I'll be using for hiking and kayaking. The ability to store maps for offline use is key. Excellent integration of GPS and location services. All a bit on the technical side. Well worth $10.

Ryan · 2/3/2015

I used this app as a reference for hiking off trail in big bend national park. It got me to my waypoints and back on the trail. It does take time and effort to plan your trip and add trail maps and waypoints. I wish I could download common trail maps.

HAJRIAN · 7/25/2014

Powerfull will more if it can use map from calibrated pictures using georeferences

User · 7/9/2014

Finally found a windows 8 phone gps app with topo maps. Love this app. The author is very responsive to new ideas. By far the best app on my phone!😊 Nothing else even comes close. Great support via email. I've contacted Michael on three occasions. Each time he's responded in a timely manner. The last time was to report a bug. Said bug was fixed within a couple of days and made available for download shortly thereafter. Absolutely fantastic support. I am in no way affiliated with this app.

Aljaž · 6/12/2014

With the latest update the app finally keeps tracking no matter what else you are doing with the phone, i.e. Calling, using the camera, under the lock screen, etc. What I would like to see though is the track log to contain more data (bearing, max, low, avg values for speed, altitude, inclination, time. Same for any given point of the track. So you can edit and analize the track in a dedicated software, like Garmin base camp.

Kory · 4/23/2014

This doesn't have as nice of UI as Outdoor Navigation (though it's not bad), and it costs more. Neither have good USGS maps (they both have detailed vector topo but no roads/trails/landmarks that are found on the USGS raster maps). Both should at least have a way to purchase and download from additional map sources so you're not limited to the cheap included maps. That or their map providers need to add dirt roads/trails/landmarks to their vector maps (which would look nicer and scale better than raster maps, but I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny to transfer to vector which brings us back to the in-app purchase problem).