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Abdulla · 8/26/2015

Lots of features are missing.. Why the hell Android version is a lot better than this one? You should give the real experience.. same as the desktop version, and please try to focus more on texts as you do with calls and videos. You failed to provide a simple nice and easy experience on your own platform.. Watch out for synchronization problems.. Do you call this an app ? Seriously?

Reviewer 6933 · 8/25/2015
PISSED :(((((((

I used to LOVE the Skype app for windows. I loved the features and things I could do with It that were impossible with the desktop version. After all the updates apparently it just directs you to go download the desktop version however. this makes me very very angry because if im on my desktop say, playing games, I cant split screen it with my game that takes up my entire desktop area screen. I used to be able to do this and it was very easy and very nice to stay n touch with people in and outside of my games while still playing the game.

Scott · 8/26/2015
it helps you get skype

it should download skype or skype should be a app. we can download instead going through the process.... which is still easy just, you know.. options and access.

Reviewer 0719 · 8/23/2015
Skype up-date

Trying to up-date Skype is an exercise in frustration and clearly underlines once again that Microsoft is its own virus. There were never any problems with updating Skype under the previous ownership. I've installed all the app store updates that are available under 'Skype' and when I power up my machine it still says I need to 'get the update' BUT THERE ARE NO MORE UPDATES LEFT TO INSTALL. By the way, I have a Ph.D. in computer science and have worked in the industry for decades, so I'm not clueless with the workings of computers.

Reviewer 0205 · 8/21/2015
upgrade not working

goto http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-windows/downloading/ to download the desk top version. you wont be about to use the tile in the windows 8 or 8.1 I have to use the shortcut on my desktop screen. hope this helps everyone else. it took me a week to find the answer.

Joel · 8/28/2015
Getting better.

Awesome UI. I just wish emojis move like they do on pc 😂. And i hope the app loads faster. Sometimes, it takes time to load messages.

Mark · 8/17/2015
No tablet app?

I hate how this is worse than the windows 8.1 app. It's just Skype for the desktop. The user interface is too small and and it's designed for desktop. For Skype being a mainstream program, it boggles my mind why an app that works nicely for tablet users wasn't used such as the 8.1 app... disappointing. For everything Microsoft has said about trying to be cloud 1st experience, this doesn't work well for touch devices.

Hong Kiu · 8/14/2015

The worst version of Skype...Seriously it's their own product and they screwed it up a lot: You can't see the account information of yourself, your description or your real Skype account name. You can't see the others real Skype account name. You can't see your history recording for example 1 month ago... And also the notification is coming too late all the time. You can't send pictures or drawings or people during a call, you can't look at drawings or pictures during a call; you can't make a Skype group call or join one...you have to ask someone to call you which is annoying for both the parties.. You cannot delete skype people (or I'm just too dumb to find it out) the only option is to add or remove from favorites...So seriously... Microsoft...your app on the apple device is good but on windowsphone..it's bullsh*t. Unfortunately there's no other option at the moment for us windowsphone users..

Sumaiya · 8/24/2015

Super slow app!notifications come late or no notification at all!please fix it!

Jared · 8/21/2015
No app version for Windows 10, even says there is

There is no app version for the Windows 10 and I cannot install this because I do not have some features, even though I have all of the features listed in Additional Information. I like to use Skype but I wish they came out with one for Windows 10 and not the desktop version as the desktop version is slow.


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