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Cojocaru · 12/8/2014

Always crashing on lumia 920

Mike · 11/11/2013

This can't be correct. Getting only 6.3 fps on Lumia 920?

Will i am · 8/18/2015
Not working at all

Not working at all, does nothing. The app opens, but that's all it does... Well, closing the app works too

Fábio · 2/10/2015

Still bugged. My 930 got similar results to much lower hardware phones, like zenfine4 kkk. Anyway, I have proximity sensor and back light on back camera and it's not getting it, as example.

Γιώργος · 12/7/2014

Needs update because it doesn't show the actual features of my phone e.g. Nokia Lumia 520 screen resolution isn't 799x480 it's 800x480 or camera resolution is 5 MP and not 4.8. But this app is great

Antoniel · 12/6/2014

Buggy, app exits after the screen times out, it says the device is in battery saving mode when it's not, and poor results of the tests which means that either high end WP devices are worst then android low end devices or this app is incredibly poorly optimized for ruining on WP. Needs an update ASAP

Daniel · 6/4/2013
Good, but Buggy

Although this may be the first official 3D benchmarking suite for Windows RT, it has quite a few bugs in it that aren't reflecting the true power of the hardware. For example, the Off-Screen Tests don't render Off-Screen, they render in a small rectangle where the "Loading" image should be. Otherwise a good start!

john · 4/4/2015

Waste of time...keep saying synchronizing...... After a COUPLE OF HOUR only!!!!!! Still SYNCHRONIZING... Please make it compatible to windows phone 10

ANTHONY · 8/12/2015
App performs badly

Good app but highly doubt my 930 with a 800soc is scoring that...low

Slamet · 12/23/2014

This app is quiet terrible... Im stuck when Sync... Thats sick 😷..... And the update doesn't make any sense and never let us knew whats new in the newest version,so im not gonna update this app anymore... And for you who are planning to install this app, please dont expect anything but crash or failure synchronize or anything else that are terrible from this s**t



  • 15 different tests
  • Flexible test selection
  • Immediate results
  • Simple user interface

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DXBenchmark is now called GFXBench

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