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ryan · 8/7/2015

This app seems to be fake and for fun. A friend and I once put our apps on at the same time. We were getting different dots on our radars and different words. However, one time I was about to dye my wife's hair and it said hair, kind of creepy.

Zahin · 10/27/2014

fun app but it's fake which should be stated in the description. I can't believe some people actually believed it!

User · 2/18/2014

Ummmm.... Idk

User · 10/2/2013

Is cool and fun to start but then gets boring.

Ana · 8/22/2015

You have to accept application disclaimer and rules to use the app (?)

Kyoshiro · 4/23/2015

I believe this works. The spirits I'm talking to aren't so talkative though. When I first used this app, it said: "Pay" and I said "pay for what?" Then it said "Japan" which I thought was odd because I'm big into anime and Japanese culture.

Angela · 7/3/2015

Lol I think it wants to hear the radio cuz it said "radio" "anybody"

Ebee · 11/13/2014

I rated this earlier. Is it supposed to make noise? I always have the volume off.🐼 all I've gotten is bean, plastic, and exercise. What does that mean?

User · 8/31/2014

Just generates random words that don't have to do with anything around you. And if you actually do think this app works, it'll just have random colored blips appear even you're absolutely sure your in a place that's not haunted and if there's nothing electric around you. So it is a total fake.

Jessica · 4/14/2014

Does it Work website explains, app is for fun and to trick people. Not real!!


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