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Mohamed Fadel · 6/19/2015

Not working any more ! :(

SuGaRDaD · 6/17/2015

Lumia 640/640XL was adv with glance screen, they must have forgotten to say with a chopped usability glance screen:( My older Lumia Phones were able but not 640? Even Google's Android with daydream function provides the same usability on ALL devices sporting android 4.2+ I revised my former feedback for these limitations to One star, and well deserved, I wouldn't buy 640 if I knew that glance screen can only display time... Sheesh!

Bertalan · 4/7/2015

Not working on L735!!!( I know it doesn't have the option but the device has amoled screen which is for glance!)

Dean · 6/14/2015

Really enjoying this app. Working well on Windows Phone 10!!!

A.Syarif · 5/30/2015

Denim and new version glance screen system not support anymore on glance background beta, so Please... Update this glance background app... Make this app can integrated with glance system.... Supporting this app on new version of glance screen system...! Pleaaaseeee.....! Keep spirit developer....

Toby · 6/29/2015

Works again after I enabled"background photo" in the glance screen settings after the denim update.

Kenneth · 7/17/2015
I love this app

Great app for this device. Hope they work in Windows 10.

Shawn · 7/16/2015

As others have mentioned, in order for this app to work after the Denim update, you have to go to the glance screen setting and enable "background photo".

ALAN · 1/3/2015

Used to work until Denim update for Nokia Lumia 822 except pics were pixel, probably just uninstall too save rm until it has been updated. It seems this app is abandoned since it has not been updated since 2013. Sad 😢 it had potential.

Kyle · 12/17/2014

At first, when Glance is not yet updated to its latest version, the customized Glance Background pictures are still working. But when Glance was updated recently, I noticed the pictures are not displaying anymore. Please solve this Microsoft!!! And update this app too!!! Revive this app please!!!


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