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Miguel · 8/11/2015
Love glympse

I absolutely love this service, but this app is not on par with the Android 1 and lacks features. Please please please make a complete app for Win 10, thanks.

Lee · 3/21/2015

Pls update this apps.

Jan · 12/27/2014

Nepouzitelna app, potřebujete internet v mobilu. Useless app u need internet connection

Jeff · 8/19/2014

Too hard to use, not realtime

John J. · 6/18/2014

Can't install to the SD Card?

Stephen · 6/27/2015

Awesome App! Great when traveling on the road with multiple cars

James · 5/25/2015

So easy and intuitive

Christopher · 4/24/2015

App has improved quite a bit in the last year, but still missing features from iOS version. Biggest in my opinion is the ability to request location share.

Ben · 4/28/2015

Promising but for whatever reason it fails to update my location reported when my friends try to check. It even doesn't seem to be correctly reporting the last time a friend checked my location (we tried this while near each other). I've reinstalled the app on multiple phones and even did so after a full phone reset without restoring backups, to no avail. It used to work fine. My only guess is that it could be more reliable when it remains in the foreground, but I can't do this and use my GPS app at the same time. I also haven't seen anything stating that I should keep it in the foreground. Overall, disappointing. The help website is not useful for windows phone either. I hope that the developers can fix this.

B · 6/27/2015

Since the denim update the app keeps crashing on both my windows phones while sending a Glympse. Finding the app useless right now. Would love to see a bug fix. I can view someone else's Glympse all day as long as they don't have the denim update.


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New in recent updates: Background operation - Glympse will now be able to run in the background. This enables users to share their location continually, for the amount of time set, while using other applications and without having to update settings to allow permission for Glympse to run while the screen is off. International phone number support - Glympse now leverages the default messaging app on the device to allow users to share their location with any phone number supported by their carrier. Easier view-in-app capability - Viewers can now easily launch and view a Glympse in the app from a link received in a text message or email through the "View in App" button in the Glympse web-viewer. Description of update: Update: New - Added ability to Pin a Glympse shortcut as a Tile to Start New - Multiple SMS recipients get delivered individual invite codes -- requires you to send multiple messages! New - "Prompt to stop Glympse" on arrival at destination option now re-prompts you to stop when opening the app, if you missed the Notification Toast earlier on. Fix - Pressing OK too quickly on Confirmation page no longer interrupts sending SMS invites. Fix - Editing a shortcut or re-sending an expired Glympse now allows removal of recipients. Fix - Map tile in the app's main screen now updates viewer-counts more frequently when you have an active Glympse Update: Fix - International users should no longer have data loss issues involving shortcuts or destinations. Fix - International users should no longer crash when using the destination picker. Fix - Setting distant destinations should no longer crash. Fix - Several cases where attempting to resume using the app (after tombstone) should no longer crash.