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Reviewer 0893 · 8/25/2015
Search is missing, but good overall.

I don't search often, and so I don't mind using a browser to login for that. It took me a little while to understand how the recurring appointments worked (there is a number to indicate how often to repeat, and at first I thought it meant repeat only once when in fact it meant repeat every 1 week), so that could be made clearer, but it does work fine. The big thing to watch out for is that if you make a recurring change to a recurring appointment: it will make the change to the past ones too; if you are using your calendar as a record, then to prevent that it would be better to end the old recurring event and start a new one. Some things I like a lot: I paid for the offline-accessible version and it syncs up once I'm online again; the time-setting feature uses a clock-face that you press, which is very clear and easy; the recurring events gives the option to either end on a certain number of repetitions -- all nice features.

Heath · 8/28/2015
Sharp, Stylish, great fit for windows 10

fast, easy to use without having to open a web page.

Jackson · 8/20/2015
Works Like it Should

Works for me. Simple. Easy to edit and add events. Gives you a way to view your day's events right on the start menu without having to use Microsoft services.

rooter · 8/18/2015
Simple and functional

It's easy to use, family members can sync up and share events. Not something that offers all the tweaks for business use but then you also don't need to wade through submenus, etc.

Reviewer 3531 · 8/15/2015

I am a very organized individual and with the gmail calendar I am able to combine my email address and my important events in one. This app is also available for download on smart phones, which allows me to enter any plans I have at ease. I would recommend this app for any one who has to much on their mind because it will definitely makes life easier.

Reviewer 9504 · 8/26/2015
Its ok- but not more

Its ok. Slow, and fails on many simple tasks (such as deleting a recurring event).

Frank · 8/18/2015
Solid App

Being an Android user, I found this to be great since it allows easy calendar synchronization across all devices.

Reviewer 9572 · 8/12/2015
great app.

easy to use , and I can get it on my android phone so I don't need to download a different app. I use my computer and phone for everything so if they don't sync up then I'm screwed but these sync up great so i love it.

ken · 8/22/2015
a solid app

A solid calendar app it does everything I need in a simple efficient way.

Bernie · 8/16/2015
Better than the browser

Easy navigation and more readable



  • Display of your appointments
  • Add appointments
  • Delete appointments
  • Automatically syncs with gmail-calendar
  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • Edit appointments
  • Google tasks
  • Offline mode
  • Multi account feature
  • QuickDate feature
  • Translate Tool

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- Bugfixes - Windows 10 Version added

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