• Touch-friendly modern UI
  • Support for multiple gmail accounts simultaneously
  • Start screen live tiles can be created for individual mailboxes and labels
  • Groupping messages in threads in exactly the same way as online gmail
  • Server side search in all mailboxes
  • Server side filtering of unread and flagged messages

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Urgent hotfix for the problem with latest gmail update

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James · 4/5/2013
Needs a little work

Like the interface and ability to work with multiple accounts. However, could not get e-mail to open in labels (folders) and this would be great if calendars were integrated. A few other issues but this is a great start to what will be a great app. Little more work on it before I'll shell out 8 bucks for it.

Jake · 3/29/2013
Excellent start, few bugs

I installed the trial to check out this app (first GMail app with native Windows 8 UI!). Works fairly well, but runs somewhat slowly because it needs a constant internet connection. I kept getting an error "unknow mailbox" that didn't really make any sense. A little more speed and bug fixes, and I'd be willing to put up the $8 :)

brian · 11/24/2013

Seems like it would be awesome, but it doesn't work at all.

Stephen · 6/24/2013

I bought this because the free version blocked itself. I have not been able to get the $8 version to work either, I can associate it to my gmail account but it then complains it can not get something lese it needs. "object reference not set to instqance of an object

Ken · 4/13/2013
Great idea, but not there yet

This will need support for Google Apps accounts and possibly some instructions. I couldn't figure how to remove an account once it was added. But there is a huge need for an app like this, so after some more work, I think it could be great.

Ayana · 3/30/2013
No support for Google Apps

Pros: Nice UI, seems simple enough to set up an account. Cons: Gmail ONLY. No support for Google Apps email addresses. Fiddlesticks!

Ken · 4/13/2013
Can't figure out how to archive a message

I want to archive a message I'm looking at. How do I do that?

Fergie · 6/21/2013
It's ok

I kind like it. It's easy to navigate, but I wish it was much easier and the layout more clean.

SOS Digital · 4/5/2013

I tried it and paid for it. Looks nice, but doesn't work. I emailed support the problems and they said they'd fix it, but nothing to this day. Very disappointing.