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Leandro · 6/29/2015

Extremely slow to update content. Works less often than not, needs restarts, battery killer if open.

Brian · 7/9/2015

In the previous version, my live tile wasn't working, but performance was good and emails were reliably available. This version has the live tile working, but the emails it is notifying me about won't always synchronize immediately.

Jeff · 6/24/2015

Incredibly slow, massive battery drain even with minor usage, occasional fails requiring uninstall /reinstall/reprovision. On initial connect, calendar is not populated. Does not pull most recent email first so you have to wait for full sync just to get something you are waiting for.

Derek · 6/17/2015

Not a very good app for Windows phone. Notifications are not received unless I physically open the app to check my emails. Very few preferences to personalize such items as length of time to keep app ole without continuously typing the password. I hear the app is ok for Android and iPhone, but it sucks for Windows phone.

Stefan · 6/8/2015

This app should be renamed to Absolute Rubbish. Unbelievably slow, lacking basic features, crashes regularly and has a terrible calendar function.

Jeremy · 3/11/2015

Live tile is FIXED in WP8.1 Preview, finally. App also STILL lacks audible notifications/toasts even after the GDR3 update LAST SEPTEMBER that provided apps with access to custom alerts. Also lacks a number of other pieces of functionality that the Android and iOS versions have. We have allowed our support contract to expire and are about to begin a POC with a different MDM solution...

Jeff · 3/9/2015

Awful. Take every one-star review that has been written for this app, and believe it as truth. As bad as the reviews are, they are but pale shadows of the darkness that one experiences from actually having to attempt to use this app. Notifications do not work. No live tile support. Just an awful interface. If you want to cripple your enterprise communications, this app goes a long way to accomplish corporate suicide. Otherwise if you have any choice at all, run away from this app. Don't think. Just run and don't look back.

Bryan · 3/7/2015

Crashes all the time. Typing is slow, sync is slow, never updated. We requested our management at our enterprise to move away from this and look at other solutions b/c support is so bad. Mobile apps are way to important to ignore concerns when it comes to communication (email). We are evaluating other platforms.

Ed · 2/26/2015

A sad mockery of the Android and iOS versions of Good. The sync is garbage, frequently crashes, etc etc. Serves us right for having a Windows phone, eh?

Adam · 3/26/2015

Doesn't sync email unless app is open and even that takes a long time.