• A brand new, user-friendly interface with new navigational controls and full support for keyboard and mouse, trackpad, and touch devices
  • Rich content is now available, with inline images, videos, and page numbers in Church manuals and magazines, including the “Come, Follow Me” youth curriculum.
  • Ability to play streaming video content like The District, Bible Videos, and Mormon Messages.
  • Content in 106 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.
  • User interface in five languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.
  • Sign into your LDS Account to view notes, bookmarks, highlights synched from LDS.org or other devices running Gospel Library. (The ability to add these within the app will come in a future version.)
  • Ability to resize text to customize your reading experience.

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Reviewer 2129 · 7/25/2015
Adequate but needs improvement

I'm admittedly more familiar with this app on Android so I'm used to the controls there. The one thing that gets me on this is updating bookmarks. There's no easy way to do it that I can find. Or I may just be a big dummy. Either way this should be a more straight forward process. Hoping for an update on this soon.

Reviewer 8780 · 7/27/2015

I love being able to listen to Jesus the Christ, scriptures and magazines as the stories unfold before me. When you look at a computer screen all day the a last thing you want to do is read. I enjoy listening and researching and having it all at my finger tips. I think the one thing that would make this better is to have a highlight area follow the words and turn pages or verses as it narrates so you know where your at all the time. Thank you!

Reviewer 5271 · 7/18/2015
Excellent application to keep up with gospel study

This is likely the most comprehensive application available to study the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its ability to cross-reference and track through subjects or simply peruse interests is outstanding. The challenges it has are that 1) it doesn't sync up with bookmarks that are set elsewhere (alternate versions of itself) properly, and 2) there isn't a simple place or way to indicate when your app runs into a problem. My bookmark for church lessons is a couple weeks out of date, as is my marker for scripture reading. Also, there is an error message I get about a specific magazine that fails to download and access that I have gotten for over a year. I have tried to report it, but without success. If the PC version would sync with my phone version and the downloads error could be reported and fixed, this would be a full 5 stars or more. I wouldn't even take a full star off except it is the least amount I can take for these minor issues. I Love this app and use it daily.

aaron · 7/15/2015

I love this. I think it would be great if I could take a PDF photo of hand outs to be able to create more notes. I get so many hand outs that it's hard to keep track of and it would be nice to scan them in as a reference.

mykiss · 7/22/2015

I love that I can access all the manuals, scriptures, and even videos here. I download those I am currently using/need for when I don't have internet access and am not required to have the entire gospel library using my device memory, while still being allowed access to whatever information I need! It's great!

Reviewer 3018 · 7/15/2015

I love the mobile app! However, is there a way to sync the mobile apps with the LDS.org site? I have to add all of my study notes one at a time from the uncategorized section of the notes to the appropriate notebook.

Steven · 7/18/2015
Where are the Tags?

Seems to work great. I love the functionality and the way the menu works when highlighting, bookmarking, etc. The only disappointment I have with it thus far is that I can't seem to find a way to enter tags like I can with the Android app. Am I missing something?

Reviewer 8889 · 7/14/2015
Microsoft Surface app Bookmark Update?

I don't know if I am just missing something but I am disappointed to be unable to update a bookmark on my Surface like I can on my android device. I end up having to delete the previous bookmark and create a new one. Glad that all my bookmarks synced from my android but none of my open books showed up... it doesn't even look like syncing open books is a feature on this app. I have been very impressed with the official church apps so far on Android. Not sure why the Microsoft Surface one seems to lack so much.

David · 8/2/2015
Keeps getting better

Still has room to improve but they keep making it better :)

Shane · 7/19/2015
Love continuous updates

I love that the dev team is moving so fast. The last fix I really need is being able to listen to the audio in the background. Currently if I move away from the page, the audio stops.

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