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Linda · 8/26/2014

Only good when it works. And it doesn't.

Rashad · 8/1/2014

Will ever be able to login again?M

JUAN · 7/19/2014

Errors upon errors

Heriberto · 6/28/2014

Like others say, problems with logon.

Omar · 5/13/2014

Every time I close it I have to login again and go through two step authentication.

Johnny · 4/25/2015

So far so good, the best app for G+, just add at least a color in the design, or at least some sort of separator after each post, sometimes feels like looking at an email message. Features I'd like. -GIF's man, how could you leave gifs out? That should've been the first thing to add support :). -When opening a community make the all feed appear by default. -Notifications in the phone notification center. -Make it so the app can be added to the lock screen. There is one bug so far. -when switching apps, for example opening a link from a post, and going back to the app, an error occurs and need to close and re-open the app.

Shane · 6/12/2015

Still the best Google+ for Windows Phone. Snappy performance and has all the most important features. This should be the top result in the store.

Terence · 2/26/2015

Best app I have found that IS NOT a web wrapper, thank you! However, it still appears the two-step authentication issue is not fixed; everytime I leave the app, I have to sign in again with my credentials, and an app password doesn't work either. Also, I can't share using the app, so I've emailed the developer to see if it can be fixed. I'll switch it to 5-stars of the two-step issue is resolved. :)

Nathan · 1/19/2015

The only native WP app for Google+ I'm aware of to date. But it is greatly flawed still. I would love to see some updates and improvements. Bug fixes. But I really appreciate the hard work already placed into making it native and not just another web wrapper.

Sergio · 12/30/2014

Simple and great. I love it. Best G+ app out there.